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Antigravity Batteries Info Brochure

Antigravity Info Brochure

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ANTIGRAVITY BATTERIES is a young, dynamic, innovative company. We would be glad to have you as part of our growing Network. We offer an aggressive discount margin to our dealers and have fantastic service. We are the next generation of Lithium Powersports Batteries. More power, better design, built to last and made in the USA.

Antigravity Batteries is a company based in Los Angeles and making all our batteries here in the USA to our extremely high quality standards… We  offer the most powerful Powersport Batteries available, and do not claim false Cranking Amp numbers to lure sales. We are the only lithium company to offer exact OEM replacement fitment, as well as offering the most compact versions of Lithium batteries on the market for the performance rider/racers. Our batteries can offer over TWICE (100%) the power than Lead/Acid versions of the same size battery, while being 70% lighter! And in comparison to other Lithium batteries makers like the Shorai we offer 60% more power than their Lithium Battery in the same size battery. Additionally we offer a year longer warranty. Please read our Info brochure for more details!