Choosing a Battery

When selecting an Antigravity Lithium Battery for your vehicle you have a few options. The reason there are options is because there are riders/drivers who have different uses and needs from a battery. For the average rider you can go with our drop-in OEM replacement model and be done. But a Racer or Performance rider may want the smallest and lightest possible battery for their vehicle; or an Adventure Rider going across Africa may want a much larger Amp Hours Capacity model. Or a Drag Car may want massive power up front to get the vehicle started easily but they only run a few seconds and don’t need a lot of Amp Hours.

This section will allow you to understand what the best choice may be for your use. Please use our BATTERY FINDERBatteryfinder to help you find the correct model for your vehicle. It will show all the options for your searched vehicle.

 Antigravity Batteries offers two types of Case Sizes…

 Original Small Case Format

Our Small-Case  design allows for the smallest, lightest format possible. This is the best option for owners seeking big space savings and weight reduction for racing or custom bike building applications. Offered in 4-Cell, 8-Cell, 12-Cell and 16-cell formats. These are a Universal  fit and come with adhesive backed form to aid in the installation of the battery.  They are usually about 30% smaller than the OEM case format. So you can have the same power and Amp hours as our OEM Models but in a much smaller case format. CLICK HERE for the models available.



OEM Direct Replacment

This  OEM  ”Direct Replacement Batteries” are a direct drop in fit and do not need foam or modifications to fit the vehicle. They have the exact size and shape case as the stock Lead/Acid batteries that come in Motorcycles and Powersport Vehicles. We have these in the most popular  motorsports batteries sizes. These offer the Hi-Power, lightweight benefits of Lithium packs but the case format allows for OEM  ”drop-in” fit.  Available up to 720 Cranking Amps! CLICK HERE for info



There are 6 general uses for our batteries in vehicles.

1)  Street with occasional Track Use-(Motorcycles)

2) Race/Track use only (Motorcycles)

3) Dirt Use- Motocross vs Enduro/Trail/Desert Use. (Motorcycles)

4) Snow and Water Use  PWCs and Sleds/Snomobiles ( Always use the next size up or larger battery for these vehicle types)

5) Total Loss Systems (RACE ONLY-no charging system, vehicle is powered only by battery)

6) Race Cars (Our batteries are not intended for use in passenger cars (unless you monitor them)

1) Street and Occasional Track use

If you use your bike for full time street or street with occasional track use you would want a battery that has a similar Amp Hour rating (Capacity) of your stock Lead/Acid battery.  This is because riding on the street you may encounter an emergency such as a roadside  breakdown at night and need to keep safety lighting on. When riding on the street you should always play it safe and get a similar capacity to your stock battery. But keep in mind when you choose an Antigravity Battery with a similar capacity to your stock Lead/Acid battery you will get very large increase in the Cranking Power while still saving a massive amount of weight! This is where Antigravity really shines over the stock lead acid battery.

In this case we recommend

Use the 4-Cell for Bikes up to 450cc

Use the 8-Cell for Bikes up to 800cc

Use the 12-Cell for bikes up to 1200cc

Use the 16-Cell for bikes up to 1800cc

Use the 20-Cell for bikes up to 2200 and above

Use the 24-Cell for bikes up to 2200 and above

2) Race/Track Use (with  stock charging system)

For racing (using your vehicles standard charging system) you would usually want the lightest, smallest battery that can start the vehicle effectively. You are not interested in having extra Amp Hours (capacity) because you are on a track never far from help… The main concern is the vehicle starts well and to save as much weight and space as possible.  Your goal is for performance improvements that are offered by extreme weight saving such as better handling, shorter braking distances, better acceleration,  and quicker handling….  All these improvements can be directly related to the extreme weight loss offered by our batteries.

In this case we recommend

Use the 4-Cell for track/race Bikes up to 600cc

Use the 8-Cell for dedicated track/race  Bikes up to 1200cc

Use the 12-Cell for bikes up to 1500cc

Use the 16-Cell for bikes up to 2000cc

Use the 20-Cell for bikes up to 2200 and above

3) Dirt Use- Race/Enduro/Desert/Trail  and Adventure

Most late model Offroad Motorcycles  have electric starting on them including bikes like the KTM SXF  for MX use.  With these bikes there are basically 2 uses… 1) Closed course race use and then longer loop riding like trail riding, desert riding and weekend warrior riding.  When deciding on which battery keep in mind for longer loops and trail riding you want a more powerful battery with more capacity.  This is very important because often when trail riding there are many starts and stops, breakdowns, trail side emergencies etc.  In this case you want that extra capacity for multiple start attempts or helping a buddy on the trail.   When racing you are relatively close to a home base and/or help and are looking for the smallest lightest unit possible.

In this case we recommend

RACE USE                                                                                                                          Trail/Desert/Recreational

4-Cell for RACE  Bikes up to 450cc                                                                   4 Cell for  Trail/Desert bikes up to 250cc (will not work in 2-strk)

8-Cell for RACE  Bikes up to 1000cc.                                                               8-Cell for Trail/Desert bikes up to  450cc

12-Cell for RACE Bikes up to 1300cc.                                                              12-Cell for Trail/Desert/Adventure bikes up to  1100cc

16-Cell for RACE Bikes up to 1500cc.                                                               16-Cell for Adventure/Trail/Desert up to 1400cc

20-Cell/24-Cell                                                                                                       Serious Adventure Riding, Touring, Side x Sides, Adventure Quads

4) Snow and Water Use

These vehicles put more of a demand on any battery during starting… When deciding a battery to use for these vehicles we recommend going UP one size or more compared to the recommended  Street Use for our batteries. For example is we state that a 12-Cell battery is recommended for a streetbike up to 1200cc then for a Snowmobile or Watercraft you would want to go with the next size up which is a 16-Cell or even 20-Cell.  This will give you the extra power required to get through extreme cold or the fact that watercraft require more power due to the direct drive nature of their propulsion.

Keep in mind in very cold weather below 20 degrees lithium batteries will be effected until allowed to warm, or until self warmed by  doing a couple start attempts to provide for a self warming effect for the battery. As the battery warms it will regain its full power. WE RECOMMEND a Battery Heater if you have sub-zero temperatures often. It is usually only the first attempts after sitting out in freezing temperatures that the batteries will have sluggish performance . … but this should only be on the very first starting of the vehicle because the battery is extremely cold and the vehicles motor is extremely cold so this effect could be pronounced.  Larger batteries offer less of this effect because of their higher cranking amps.



5) Race use using Total-Loss System (no- charging system) WE DO NOT WARRANTY OUR BATTERIES FOR TOTAL LOSS USE… there is too high a margin for operator error to damage the battery. We recommend this only for seasoned racers who know how to use these system properly.

Racers using total loss system need to consider many factors when choosing a battery.  The most important issues are 1) What is the draw of your system including all factors such as ignition, fuel pump, fuel injection, nitrous systems , data logging, fans, any lighting, wing adjusters and more.  It is important to know the TOTAL AMPs  required to power your system… additionally you would need to know HOW LONG you intend to run the vehicle in the races.  With this information we can offer you suggestions on the best battery size for you  intended purpose.  Please contact us if you intent to use a Total-Loss System in your vehicle. Though our batteries work exceptionally well in this use we do NOT warranty them for this use!

In this case we recommend you contact us to discuss your needs.

6) Race Cars

For use in Race Cars it is more dependent on the type of motor you need to start…. Being that there are so many different configurations of motors for Automobiles it is usually dependent on discussing the need of the intended use.  We do have a basic chart below to give you an idea of what will work.

Keep in mind we are also capable of making 16v systems for those who require it.

In this case we recommend you contact us to discuss your needs.