XPS-SC-1 Extreme Power Series Battery
XPS-V-10 Extreme Power Series Battery

Antigravity Batteries introduces the world’s smallest and most powerful Motorcycle and Race Car batteries. Nothing in the industry is at this level of performance in such a compact size as our new XPS (Extreme Power Series) batteries. We have two models available – READ MORE BELOW …



SC-1 Extreme Power Series Battery 


Our new XPS SC-1 weighs 13 oz. and is only 4″ x 1.25″ x 3.25″ but don’t let that compact size fool you… The SC-1 can EASILY start V8 Trucks up to 10 times in a row! It  turns over motorcycles and powersports vehicles with ease. This battery is best used for Racing applications, or as an emergency or redundant back up battery to start your Car Truck, Motorcycle or Powersports vehicles (optional mini Jump Start kit available Nov 20th). It is half the size and weight of our nearest competitors battery but has more power! For example if you were using an 8-Cell lithium battery for turning over your Ducati race bike, then you could switch to this and lose almost another pound! This battery IS NOT recommended for regular street use… But for fantastic starting on Race Vehicles or as a back up emergency battery for your car, truck, or Adventure vehicle nothing compares!

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XPS V-10 Extreme Power Series Battery 


Our new XPS V-10 is as powerful as our YTX12-24 (our biggest battery), yet is almost half the size! It has and incredible amount of starting power… up to 700 cranking amps yet weighs only 4 lbs and is only 6″ long x 3.4″ wide and x 3.25″ tall. It can start the largest V-Twin motors or even V8-Race Car motors up to 800 Horsepower. These batteries are high on starting power but are NOT  made for touring use, they have a lower Amp Hour capacity than our normal high power models, and are intended for applications where there is not much of a demand for higher capacity (such as custom bikes, drag bikes, race cars) but a demand for massive starting power. This battery is smallest and most powerful battery available and no other company in the world offers this level of power in such a compact size.

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