Antigraity Batteries Small Case Motorcycle Batteries

The Antigravity Batteries “Small Case” batteries are what we originally became known for: the smallest, lightest and most powerful battery in the Powersports Industry. Made with our extremely powerful and lightweight lithium cells but with the case molded as tightly as possible to make for the most compact motorcycle batteries available.

Though great for everyday use, they are often chosen by those seeking the most compact fit and lightest weight possible. The compact fit allows for more room in the battery tray for electronics like Power Commander, while the extremely light weight helps with handling, braking, acceleration and even gas mileage.

These are a Universal-fit battery that come with adhesive backed foam for installation. They offer a one bolt top-mount low profile terminals. MORE>>>

Antigravity Batteries OEM Size Motorcycle Batteries

The Antigravity Batteries OEM Case Models are made using our extremely high power and lightweight lithium cells inside an OEM (stock) sized case. They offer the same lightweight and high power benefits of our Small Case batteries but are in a more convenient drop-in fit for your particular vehicle model… Same size and shape as your stock motorcycle battery but with powerful lithium-ion inside.

These models come in the most often used sizes for modern Motocycles and Powersports vehicles. Additionally they come in different POWER LEVELS within the same size Case. The standard power level already has much better Cranking Power than the lead/acid motorcycle battery it replaces, but we also have that same size battery in another much higher power level for those with highly modified or very difficult to start motors. MORE>>>

Antigravity Batteries 6 Volt and 16 Volt Motorcycle Batteries

The Antigravity Batteries 6 Volt and 16 Volt models were made specifically for two  special classes of vehicles… 6- Volt for the Vintage owners and the 16 Volts for the hard core racers.

6 VOLTS The 6- Volt models come in two sizes to meet the needs of vintage bike owners. One is a very compact 8-cell unit for smaller motor vehicles while the other is a little larger, higher capacity 12-cell unit for larger vehicle. Both of these 6 Volt units offer ultra reliable and long lasting performance. These are a no-maintenance battery that can hold a charge over a year. Keep in mind with vintage bikes you must have a stable voltage regulator so the voltage does not spike and ruin your battery.

16 VOLTS The 16 Volt model is developed and made for hard core racing vehicle using the 16 Volt systems in their vehicles. It is a very high power battery with a good capacity to match and great for use in many forms of racing. MORE>>>