Riders and Drivers

There are many riders, drivers, builders and racers using Antigravity Batteries in many different applications… We wanted to show a couple of the users of our product and pay our respects to them. As you can see we cover a wide variety of motorsports and uses. From World Class custom bike builders to the top levels in Pro Racing to everyday riders… Thanks to all for choosing Antigravity.

Confederate Motors

Antigravity is the OEM supplier for some great bike manufactures like Confederate Motors. They rely on our extremely compact but powerful 16-Cell battery to start their high performance S&S motors. If you haven’t checked out their incredible machines, now is a great time. They are pushing the envelope on every level. Confederate Motors.
American Thoroughbred

Yamaha GYTR Products

When Yamaha carries your product as part of the GYTR Products line you know you have a product that is top of the line. You can find our products at any Yamaha dealer in their GYTR Racing Products Catalog. They carry our YTZ7 and YTZ10 models which fit many of the Yamaha models as well as other manufacturers like KTM, HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI…

Andretti Motorsport USF

The Antigravity 20-cell has been used in the USF 2000 Series with great results this season. Most recently a pole position by .007 of a second!!! This pole could have been the direct result of losing 17 lbs from the battery change out. It would have costs thousands to lose that much weight using Carbon Fiber. Check out our product for use in your Race Cars too.
zach veach andretti

Adam’s Performance

Adams Performance are some VERY big guns in the metric Drag scene… Here is Jeremy Teasly aboard one of their monstrously fast beasts. They use Antigravity and have had some awesome results over the years. They build and sell everything drag related and for ultra high performance… So if that is what your into check them out at Adams Performance.

Greg Dahl AMRA Outlaw

This is Greg Dahl on his monstrous 140 Cubic inch (2300cc) High Compression V-Twin using the 16-cell Antigravity to start the beast. Yep, a 3 pound battery that is only 4.5″ x 3″ x 5″ … Greg can be found terrorizing the drag strips in the AMRA Series. Greg also builds motors and you can check him out at GMS Racing Engines.
Greg Dahl

J-Star/JDR Motosports

We got a call from this team saying they loved the batteries and were using them in the KTM SXF 250, 350 and 450 in the AMA SuperCross series, the most prestigous  SX series in the world. And now they are being used in the AMA Outdoor National MX Series. Supercross and Motocross is arguably the most demanding motorsport in the world…

RK Concepts

Rafik Kaissi embodies the soul of creativity in design. His bikes are truly stunning in their vision and execution… He relies on the ability to have his design not be interrupted by a big bulky battery so he chose Antigravity for our extremely compact design and massive power. Check his stuff at RK Concepts.

Ballance Racing

Led by 9-Time GNCC Champion Bill Ballance, the factory supported Yamaha Race Team of Ballance Racing are using Antigravity Batteries in a creative 24v piggy-back system for getting massive Holeshots on dead-starts in the GNCC. Ballance Racing also builds bikes and does riding schools… so check them out at Ballance Racing.
Ballance Racing