Antigravity Batteries Now a Porsche Owners Club (POC) Sponsor
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Now Sponsoring the Porsche Owners Club

Antigravity Batteries is proud to announce we are now a sponsor of the Porsche Owners Club (POC)!

Antigravity Batteries was established in 2009 to offer Lithium-Ion Battery products that directly replace the heavy, toxic and old technology of the Lead/Acid battery. The benefits of Lithium-Ion Batteries over Lead/Acid batteries are the extreme weight savings; Lithium can be as much as 80% lighter than a Lead/Acid battery! But additionally lithium offers exceptional cranking power and a life cycle of up to 8 years.

At Antigravity we have created the highest quality, most innovative Lithium-Ion Battery Products available for your Porsche or other high performance vehicles. For example our new RS-30 Lithium Automobile Battery weighs only 11 lbs. and when used to replace the standard H6 (Group 48) Battery found in many 911s it saves 35 pounds instantly! But additionally this battery is so advanced it will intelligently monitor its voltage and puts itself to sleep if it senses it will be drained to dead, yet saves enough reserve energy to restart the vehicle with a push of the RE-START button located on the battery. Another example of our groundbreaking technology is our MICRO-START product line. These are POCKET-SIZED mini Jump-Starters, but also can charge your Phone, Tablet, or any other USB devices as well. Our MICRO-START was awarded Consumer reports Top-Rated Jump Starter.

We are very excited to be new Sponsors of the Porsche Owners Club. And we look forward to seeing many of you in the winner’s circle along with our highly awarded batteries!