Using our Battery Finder tool is the quickest and easiest way to find the best Antigravity Battery to replace the one in your Motorcycle, Powersports vehicle or Car. Select your vehicle make, model, year and engine size to find the right match. You might find there are multiple battery options that are compatible with your vehicle. Depending on your application you may want to go with the lightest weight option, or one with higher capacity. See below for more information on battery fitment and sizing.


This battery finder is for Cars, Motorcycles* and Powersports Vehicles (*Post-1990s Motorcycles).


  • The Battery Finder is for Cars, Motorcycles and Powersports Vehicles, but does not contain Pre-1990s Motorcycles/Powersports due to the fact that most pre-1990s models are not using the modern standardized sizes. PLEASE CALL US AT 310 527-2330 to assist you with fitment for replacing an older battery, or use our LIVE CHAT or EMAIL
  • Please note we offer Antigravity Lithium-Ion Batteries in most every Group Size to fit any Model year or type of Vehicle that uses a 12V Lead/Acid Battery. This would include Modern Cars, Older Classic Cars, Boats, Generators and other vehicles using Automotive Sized 12v Batteries. Though our Battery Finder Database is growing, it may not have your specific Vehicle or Year listed, but in most cases we do carry the battery size you need. If you do not find your vehicle listed please contact us at 310 527-2330 or use our LIVE CHAT or EMAIL
  • We’re adding Newer Vehicles, Cars and Trucks shortly.

Car battery fitment info to clear any confusion by all the sizes.

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