This resource center is for Antigravity Dealers and Distributors (“Authorized Resellers”). Quickly find all the reseller documents you may need to reference. Below you can also download the required Application to become an “Authorized Marketplace Reseller”, allowing you to sell Antigravity Batteries products online at third-party (3P) marketplaces such as Amazon. Please check back occasionally to review our policies.

Reseller Policies

As an Authorized Reseller you must abide by our MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy and other selling criteria.

The “3rd Party Policy” applies to our Authorized Marketplace Resellers for selling on sites such as Amazon, etc. You must be granted permission for this; see below for the Application form.


Download Reseller MAP Policy


Download Reseller MSRP/MAP & Antigravity Products List


Download Reseller 3rd-Party Marketplace Policy

For product warranties, manuals and other docs, please visit our Downloads page.

Apply to Sell on 3rd Party Platforms

No reseller is allowed to sell on 3P marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) without an approved application and written permission from Antigravity Batteries. Please download and fill out the application then email us the completed form.