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Antigravity Product Info Docs, Downloads

Take a look at our Product Info Sheets and User Manuals to learn more about our multi-function Micro-Starts and lightweight Lithium Starter Batteries. Our Catalog and other docs include technical specs, and explain the uses and benefits of our products. Download our Instruction Manuals and Warranty documents for additional details on product function and usage guidelines.


Download our Antigravity Batteries Product Catalog for an overview and specs comparison. Our catalog offers information on all of our different product lines, including: Automotive Batteries, Powersport Batteries, Micro-Starts, Energy Storage series (Deep Cycle Batteries, Solar Panels and Power Stations), and Accessories.

Antigravity Batteries Product Catalog
Download Antigravity Product Catalog


Micro-Starts are compact, portable Jump-Starters & Personal Power Supplies. Download the product sheet for more information.


New! Heavy Duty

XP-10-HD Micro-Start Info Sheet
Download XP-10-HD Info Sheet


Best Selling!

Download XP-10 Info Sheet


The Original

Download XP-1 Info Sheet


More Compact

Download XP-3 Info Sheet


Ultra Compact

Download SPORT Info Sheet

We offer a full line of accessories for our Antigravity Batteries and our Micro-Start power supplies. Here are a couple product sheets about our NEW Heavy Duty Smart Clamps for the XP-10, as well as its Clampless Harness accessory. We will be adding more info sheets!


Heavy Duty (for XP10)

MSA11SCX-HD Clamps Info Sheet
Download HD Clamps Info Sheet


MSA-10B (for XP-10)

MSA10B Clampless Harness Info Sheet
Download MSA10B Info Sheet

Here you can download the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Antigravity Micro-Starts and Lithium Powersports Batteries. There is a single MSDS covering our 4-Cell through 12-Cell Original OEM Size batteries*, another for our Original OEM batteries above 100 Watt Hours* (*Non-RS), and a zip download including all the MSDS for our new line of RE-START (RS) batteries that have built-in Jump-Starting and full Battery Management System (BMS).


All Models

MSDS for Micro-Starts
Download MSDS (Micro-Starts)


All Re-Start Batteries

MSDS for RE-START Series of Antigravity Batteries
Download all 8 MSDS (RE-START batteries)

Original OEM

4-Cell thru 12-Cell

MSDS 4-cell through 12-cell Antigravity Batteries
Download MSDS (4-cell thru 12-cell)

Original OEM

Over 100 Wh

MSDS Over 100 Wh Antigravity Batteries
Download MSDS (Over 100Wh Batteries)


Download Instruction Manuals for Antigravity MICRO-START Jump-Starter Personal Power Supplies (PPS). The accompanying Safety Information Guide applies to all Micro-Start models.


All Micro-Starts

Micro-Start Manual, Safety Information Guide
Download Safety Info Guide


New! Heavy Duty

XP-10-HD Heavy Duty Micro-Start User Instruction Manual
Download XP-10-HD Manual


Best Selling!

XP-10 Micro-Start User Instruction Manual
Download XP-10 Manual


The Original

XP-1 Micro-Start User Instruction Manual
Download XP-1 Manual


More Compact

XP-3 Micro-Start User Instruction Manual
Download XP-3 Manual


Ultra Compact

SPORT Micro-Start User Instruction Manual
Download SPORT Manual

Download the Instruction Manuals for Antigravity Lithium Starter Batteries. Our Automotive user manual covers all Re-Start (RS) models of car batteries. For Motorcycle/Powersports, there is one manual for all Re-Start models, and another manual for our original lineup of batteries which are Non-Restart (Non-RS) models. Our 16-Volt race batteries each have their own user manual.


Lithium 12V (Re-Start)

Antigravity Lithium Automotive Batteries Instruction Manual
Download Automotive Batteries Manual


Lithium 12V (Re-Start)

Antigravity Lithium RE-START Powersports Batteries Instruction Manual
Download Powersport Batteries (RS) Manual


Lithium 12V (Non-RS)

Antigravity Lithium Powersports Batteries (Non-RS) Instruction Manual
Download Powersport Batteries (Non-RS) Manual


Lithium 16V Battery

Antigravity H6-30-16 Lithium 16-Volt Battery Instruction Manual
Download 16-Volt H6 Battery Manual


Lithium 16V Battery

Antigravity VTX20 Lithium 16-Volt Battery Instruction Manual
Download 16-Volt VTX20 Battery Manual

Download Instruction Manuals for our growing line of Energy Storage/Adventure products. This series includes our NEW Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries (DC-100), our PS-45 Portable Power Station, and our foldable XS-60 and XS-100 Solar Panels.


Deep Cycle Battery

Antigravity Lithium DC100-V1 Deep Cycle Battery User Instruction Manual
Download DC100-V1 Battery Manual


Deep Cycle Battery

Antigravity Lithium DC100-V2 Deep Cycle Battery User Instruction Manual
Download DC100-V2 Battery Manual


Portable Power Station

PS-45 Power Station User Instruction Manual
Download PS-45 Manual


Foldable Solar Panel

XS-60 Solar Panel User Instruction Manual
Download XS-60 Manual


Foldable Solar Panel

XS-100 Solar Panel User Instruction Manual
Download XS-100 Manual

Here are the Instruction Manuals for some of our Antigravity Accessories. One manual covers both models of Bluetooth Battery Trackers (the BTR-1 model for Lithium, and BTR-2 for Lead/Acid). We also have a manual for our mini Tire Inflator/Air Pump, a Micro-Start accessory.

BTR-1 & 2

Battery Trackers

Antigravity Bluetooth Battery Tracker Instruction Manual
Download Battery Trackers User Manual


Tire Inflator

Micro-Start Tire Inflator Instruction Manual
Download Tire Inflator Manual


Antigravity Starter Batteries and Micro-Start products must be registered within the first 30 days from the original purchase date or original purchaser must provide copy of original receipt in order to be eligible for a warranty claim. You can register your new product using our online Registration form. All warranty claims are handled by Antigravity Batteries directly. Learn more on our Warranty page.


Micro-Start Warranty Details & Claim Form
Download Micro-Start Warranty

Powersports Batteries

Antigravity Powersports Batteries Warranty
Download Powersports Batteries Warranty

Automotive Batteries

Antigravity Automotive Batteries Warranty
Download Automotive Batteries Warranty

Deep Cycle Batteries

Antigravity Deep Cycle Batteries Warranty
Download Deep Cycle Batteries Warranty

Antigravity Batteries actively supports the advertising and promotion of its products through various avenues by its dealers, jobbers, wholesalers, and warehouse distributors. Antigravity offers programs for all levels of partnerships from local dealers to national distributors, and we would be glad to speak with you about working together. Take a look at our MAP Policy and other documents, then fill out the Reseller Application and you can quickly be set up by our excellent support team! Please visit our Become a Reseller page for more info.


Reseller Application for Antigravity Batteries


Reseller Buy-In Order Form for Antigravity Batteries


Download Reseller MAP Policy for Antigravity


Download Reseller MSRP/MAP & Antigravity Products List