Antigravity Introduces Original Micro-Start at SEMA
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World’s Smallest Jump-Starter & PPS



Los Angeles, CA, Nov 5, 2013… In the midst of a technological revolution, we are dependent on our electronic devices for virtually everything we do. We are lost when the battery goes dead. We have all experienced the frustration of not being able to start a car, make an important phone call, or save that last bit of work on a laptop. Antigravity Batteries, the trusted maker of compact and lightweight lithium-ion motorsport batteries, has created a solution to some of life’s most frustrating situations. The company has introduced the world’s smallest, most powerful jump starter/personal power supply (PPS) available: the Micro-Start PPS. A pocket-sized battery with the ability to jump start your vehicle, as well as charge or power all electronics devices like laptops, cell phones, iPads, iReaders (Kindles), PSP game consoles, GPS units and more, making it the most valuable emergency tool you can carry. Just charge it and take your power wherever you are! The Micro-Start PPS marks the end of dead cell phones, uncharged laptops and bulky car jump starters with one extremely compact, multi-functional unit.

At just 1” thick, 6” long, 2.8” wide and 14 ounces, the Micro-Start PPS is about the size of a large cell phone and easily fits in your pocket, purse or backpack. It is powered by an incredibly small, high-power lithium-ion battery pack, a light year’s advance in miniaturization. The Micro-Start/PPS kit includes a carry case the holds the Micro-Start as well as its accessories including mini jumper clamps, assorted interchangeable tips to fit all different electronic devices, and two chargers – for charging on the road or at home. The device itself has a 19v port for laptops, a 12v port for accessories like mobile DVD players, and and a 5v USB port for most other devices. Additionally, it has an on-board flashlight with built two optional flash patterns :strobe and S.O.S. It is capable of fully charging an iPhone 6-7 times before needing to recharge, or powering a laptop for about 2-3 hours, or starting cars up to 20 times in a row. It can hold its own charge for 8 to 12 months.

Antigravity Product Specialist Eric Tartaro says,

“The Micro-Start PPS is incredibly versatile and handy. While in Baja, I jump started two cars, used the flashlight, recharged my iPad and then charged my cell phone – and it still had power left. When I pulled it out of my pocket to jump start the cars, people could not believe that such a small device could hold so much power!”

It is time to cut the cord.

The Micro-Start PPS will revolutionize the way we live and will provide something that is priceless: peace of mind. Power sports enthusiasts can ride anywhere with the confidence that they will never be stranded with a dead battery. College students, business travelers and salespeople can take their laptops anywhere knowing that they no longer need to sit near an outlet for fear of losing their work due to low power. Even those who go camping, fishing, hiking or boating can keep their cell phones, digital cameras and even GPS units charged and stay connected for safety.

With the Micro-Start PPS, Antigravity Batteries makes us feel fully charged in a whole new era of freedom.

About Antigravity Batteries:
Founded in 2009, Antigravity Batteries has quickly become a leading and trusted name in lightweight, lithium-ion batteries for all power sports vehicles. The company’s products are used by everyday riders as well as top racers, builders and manufacturers throughout the world. The batteries come in exact OEM sized models, as well as ultra-compact performance models.

Media Inquiries: For more information or to schedule an interview with the company’s founders, please contact scott@antigravitybatteries.