Located in the Los Angeles , CA  Antigravity Batteries is a company dedicated to building the best in Lithium-Ion Motorcycle  and Powersports Batteries. We offer a very diverse line of products to meet the demands of all Powersports enthusiasts.

We offer Lithium Ion  Batteries in  6-Volts , 12-Volts, and the race oriented 16-Volt models in the most compact and powerful batteries available.  Additionally, we offer our Lithium-Ion batteries in drop-in OEM sizes for most all motorcycles and Powersports vehicles.

When you purchase Antigravity Batteries Products you are getting the highest quality available, a product built and designed here in the USA.  From  everyday use to world class racing use we  do not cut corners or use inferior battery cells in order to make a less expensive product.

From supplying Yamaha Motorcorp for their GYTR Catalog of Hi-Performance Parts to supplying high-end OEM Manufacturerers  like Confederate Motors we are a the trusted source for high quality Lithium-Ion Motorsport batteries.

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310 527 2330

Gardena, CA