Antigravity Automotive Batteries are an easy-to-install direct replacement to the lead/acid battery in your vehicle. Oftentimes Customers will ask how to Install their Antigravity Lithium-Ion Battery in their Car/Truck, and if there are any settings in the Car they must change, or any Special Requirements. We want to provide the user of our products with some general information regarding installation of the Lithium Battery in your Car.


Questions about Lithium’s Compatibility with a Car


Can I install an Antigravity Batteries Lithium Battery in my Car?
Absolutely, in most all circumstances our particular Lithium Chemistry works as a direct replacement for Lead/Acid Batteries without any changes needed to the Vehicle’s System Settings. On the latest models of Cars such as some BMWs or Audis or other brands, ANY Battery whether Lead/Acid or Lithium may need to be “registered and/or coded” for the car (please see below). But in most cases you can ignore this and just swap the Lithium Battery for Lead/Acid in the Car without any issues.


What should I be concerned about when installing a Lithium Battery in my Car?
A. Make sure to purchase the correct physical size of battery for your car. Meaning the proper “Group Size” so you have the best Fitment. Antigravity Batteries offers OEM direct fit Batteries in most all Group Sizes for most all vehicles.

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B. Make sure your charging system is functioning properly in the car, and not charging above 15v. Above 15v is considered overcharging. Our batteries have built-in protection against this, but your system must be operating correctly.

C. Make sure you do not have any excessive Parasitic Drain issues with the car. A Parasitic Drain is when the vehicle draws energy from the battery when the car is parked and not running. For example most modern cars have computer systems that draw some energy from the battery continually when parked; a mild draw is normal but some cars may have extra accessories such as Cameras, Radar Detectors, theft alarms or even aged wiring or electrical issues that cause excessive drain on the battery when the car is not running causing the battery to drain very fast. This is not a problem with the battery but rather the Car’s system.

How to Perform a Parasitic Draw Test

Installation of Antigravity Lithium Battery in a Car

Roughly in 2011 many car manufacturers went to a computer-controlled charging system in Cars/Trucks, using what is called an Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) on the Vehicle’s Battery Cables that connect to the Battery (usually a black box connected to the positive or negative cable-end that connects to the battery). The IBS module monitors the battery’s voltage and other important charging/voltage related information to make sure the system is operating correctly. But any deviations from what the vehicle expects, or if it does not see a proper voltage at the battery, the car will show a warning or flag on the dash of the car stating some system in the car is not working correctly. So with this in mind, it is best to understand some issues when changing a Car battery in Modern Cars whether it is Lead/Acid or Lithium; below we discuss this.


When changing the battery out in a Modern Car it is best to use a Memory Saver device, or if possible and safe it is best to keep the Car’s Battery Terminals energized so that no settings are lost in the car. The reasons for this are because removing the battery in a modern car without having a Memory Saver or keeping it energized may cause the car to lose some of its settings for its Computer that controls the car’s systems. This could result in losing settings such as seat settings, radio settings and more importantly even some emissions settings that the car has. It will not hurt the car but may cause the car to show warning flags or have to go through the learning process again for its emissions, or even cause erratic behavior in the Dashboard for the first couple of drives. This is because the car’s battery was removed and the car lost all its voltage to power the computers, so it loses some settings.

So again, it is best to keep the Car’s system energized with a Memory Saver or other method to keep the car energized during a Battery Change-out. While this is not imperative it can make the change less problematic. Some Cars will not exhibit any issues on a battery swap without power, and others like a Corvette will. Again just best to keep the car energized.

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Changing a Battery in some Modern Vehicles like BMW, Audi and some others requires a Coding and/or Registration for a new Battery installation and even a Serial# from the new Battery per the manufacturer of the Car. But the fact is this is not so important if you just swap the battery out while keeping the system energized. The car in most all circumstances will not know a new battery was put in and will work perfectly fine and this Registration process can be avoided.

But if you choose to go the Registration way, then during this registration you can also change some settings for what type and size of battery you are putting in the car, so if you choose to do the Registration process for these Cars please contact us for details; we can tell you the best setting for your systems for the battery you wish to install. Contact


Many Modern Vehicles have an optional LITHIUM setting when changing out the battery and doing the Registration and Coding for a new Battery installation. In most every Case you will NOT need to choose the Lithium Setting for most cars since our Antigravity Lithium Battery will work perfectly fine with the Car’s standard setting. For example Porsche has a Lithium Setting in its PIWIS system, but we tell people to ignore this and just directly replace the Battery without changing the setting to Lithium unless they are Racing or Tracking a lot. We have found this works the best.


Last, if you get a Dealer to install a Lithium Battery in your Car you may often encounter pushback from the Dealer. They may tell you it is incompatible with their vehicle, or won’t work, and often they will be ignorant and have no experience with Lithium Batteries and therefore say it won’t work. This is most often with Porsche, Ferrari, and other high-end Cars. We understand their perspective not to introduce any new type of battery, or sell only THEIR brand of product. Unfortunately they are not familiar with our product or its installation or use, so having them do it may not be a workable option unless they are familiar with Lithium. We are glad to speak with them, but have seen so much success with our products and mainly the only time a Customer calls and says it won’t work is when they say they took it to a Dealership to install and the Dealer has told them incorrect information.

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Sorry if we have missed addressing any issues. Please contact us if you have any other questions.