Parasitic Drains: Eric the Car Guy video
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How to Perform a Parasitic Draw Test

We find this to be a very informative video explaining Parasitic Drains and their causes. It will take you through a logical step by step process of checking the initial status of your battery, determining whether a parasitic drain is occurring on your vehicle, and how to safely find out where it’s coming from. Using a multimeter and pulling fuses one by one, you can find the cause of the amp draw by watching for a significant drop in amps to occur. Once the affected circuit is discovered, the video guides you on how to figure out what accessory or part is causing the drain, and common areas it may share with other accessories or features so you can hopefully find a quick fix. You might find it’s just a flip of a dome light switch to solve the amp draw issue. The end of the video shares other helpful info about the typical average draw (50ma) to normally expect from any vehicle (and how that threshold can vary if it’s a luxury vehicle or one with aftermarket systems), as well as what to be aware of with proximity key systems and other things during testing.

How To Perform a Parasitic Draw Test - EricTheCarGuy