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Advantages to Lithium Batteries

As motorcycle enthusiasts we strive for performance. We want our bikes to be as fast as possible and perform as well as possible, but first and foremost the bike needs to START. Lithium batteries are great for their fantastic powerful starting and other performance improvements due to massive weight reduction. There are many advantages to having a lithium battery as opposed to other types, such as lead-acid that come stock in bikes.


By using one of our lightweight lithium batteries, your bike’s performance will absolutely improve. Antigravity lithium batteries are about 80% lighter than the standard OEM Lead/Acid batteries that your bike came with. They also have much more cranking power and have a lower self-discharge rate than Lead/Acid Batteries. Additionally with the lighter weight your vehicle will slow down faster and in less distance than when using a much heavier lead-acid battery, and actually accelerate faster for the same reason. For example if you are going 60 miles per hour, even a 5 lb weight reduction is substantial at that speed. Now imagine you are at a track day going over 140 mph: a 5-lb to 8-lb weight reduction is a massive cutting of forward momentum needing to be slowed down, or turned. That is an absolute performance increase!


At Antigravity Batteries, we have several lightweight lithium batteries to choose from. We have batteries to fit just about every kind of Motorcycle, Powersports or Motorsports Vehicles that you could own. We offer chargers and a full line of accessories.