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Simple Steps for an Always-Working Bike Battery

Just because your motorcycle starts up doesn’t mean that it’s running at its best or will continue to run as expected throughout your time with the bike. It’s important to have a charged battery in good working order. Here are simple steps to follow ensuring your battery will never be cause of a break-down.

Periodically Buy New Battery

It is said that it’s a good idea to get a new battery every 3 to 5 years. By doing this, you can guarantee an optimally working battery every time you go riding.

Correct Battery Type

It is important to know what kind of battery you need for your motorcycle or powersport vehicle. You can find out the specific type of battery you need by looking at your bike’s handbook. It’s generally good to know this so if you are stranded, you know what kind of replacement you need in a pinch.

Trusted Brand

When choosing a battery for your bike, you won’t want to choose just any brand. You will want to do your research and choose one that is trustworthy and proven to have great performance. Antigravity Batteries have a long history of dependability and endurance. They are also lighter than other batteries out there, which means that the performance of your bike will exceed all expectations.

Additional Considerations

There are several other things to consider when it comes to your battery.


Before you buy a battery, take into consideration where you live. If living in a warmer climate, you will want a battery that lasts longer.

Length of trips

If you are only going to be traveling or riding short distances on your motorcycle, then you will want a battery that doesn’t need to recharge often. The longer the trip, the longer your alternator has to charge the battery.


Don’t just go out and buy the first battery that fits your criteria. Find a battery that is trusted and has good reviews to support it. Just because it is the 12-volt battery that you are looking for doesn’t mean that it will last you 3-5 years like you want it to. There are several different brands out there that claim the same things. Find out who is telling you the truth.