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Benefits to Owning a Micro Start Jump-Starter

When it comes to car and motorbike batteries, we all know that they only have so much time before they start failing on you. But we don’t always jump to the auto part store and buy a new car battery immediately. Sometimes, we just carry jumper cables in the car. Some may even carry a jump starter in the car. But those are usually heavy and decent sized. There are many perks of having your very own micro start jump starter.
Small Size

Whether you get your hands on the Micro Start XP-1 or the XP-3, they are both under a single pound. They are about an inch thick and can fit into your pocket if that is where you choose to carry them. With something so small, you would almost expect the power to be weak but that is not the case. These jump starters carry a powerful charge.

Long Battery Life

Again, because of its small size, one may assume that it would jump a battery once and then you would have to charge it again. This, too, is incorrect. It has been said, in this article, that on one charge, the micro start was able to jump his motorcycle battery several times before he replaced the battery. The battery has a series of LED lights that show you the amount of battery the jump starter has left. The reviewer in this report stated that he charged his iPhone 4S and the micro start only lost one light.


When you buy a regular battery jump starter at the auto parts store, you only get the jump starter. With the Micro Start, you get several different kinds of adapters so that you can use it to charge any of your portable devices, including phones, cameras, tablets and more.

There are so many reasons to purchase at least one of Antigravity’s lightweight micro start jump starters. Find out what they are by getting one today.