CycleNews Magazine Antigravity Re-Start Battery Review Oct 2018
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CycleNews Magazine Reviews RE-START Battery

CycleNews Magazine reviews our new Antigravity RE-START Lithium Battery in their October 2018 issue (Vol. 59 Issue 39). Cycle News is a weekly mag with feature coverage of all major motorcycle racing events, breaking news, interviews and latest bike tests. It’s also Free to subscribe to so check it out!

Antigravity RE-START Lithium-Ion Battery

“Dead batteries on motorcycles and other powersports vehicles are far too common. Letting the vehicles sit too long between rides or forgetting to turn off your key often leaves you looking for jumper cables or a jumper box (Antigravity makes some of the best options for those, by the way). Antigravity was one of the first companies to offer lightweight lithium-ion batteries for powersports and the new Re-Start battery is equally light, but also includes a built-in Battery Management System (BMS).”

Read the full RE-START Battery product review here.