SEMA 2018 Antigravity Batteries
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SEMA Show 2018

It’s opening day at the SEMA Show, held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We’re here every year, and stoked to start this insane 4-day event. SEMA is the world’s premier trade show for automotive specialty products. Thousands of attendees, automakers and makers of parts, accessories, electronics and more come together for a massive showcase of all things aftermarket and custom in the automotive world.

Last year our own exhibit was all about our new Heavy Duty Micro-Start and new line of RE-START Batteries, the first and only battery with built-in jump-starting. We also had a special guest P51 Combat Fighter bike hand-built by Confederate Motors. Now the center of attention is our new RS-30 Lithium Car Battery, which has our exclusive Re-Start feature, a full Battery Management System (BMS) built-in, and offers many benefits over the lead/acid battery it replaces. The RS-30 is the most advanced Lithium-Ion Battery offered today. It is intended for Hi-Performance Automobiles such as Porsches and other sports cars where massive weight reduction and high cranking power are desired in a very compact size.

If you are here drop by our booth 12061 in the north hall and take a hands-on look.

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