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Be a Faster Racer with a Lightweight Battery

If you or someone you know races any kind of motor bike, you want to make it go as fast as possible. You spend a lot of time and money making it move just a few seconds faster around the track. Maybe you haven’t thought about removing the old battery and replacing it with an Antigravity Batteries lithium ion battery. But there are a bunch of reasons why you should do just that. We want to help you become a better racer and switching to a lightweight battery could be the solution.
Better Performance

Lighter batteries can shave a measurable amount of time off of your race. When you have a battery that weighs a considerable amount less than standard lead batteries, you will see that your bike performs better than it ever has because it is not carrying around excess weight.

Better power

Antigravity batteries are made out of lithium ion which is a much more powerful substance than lead acid is. You will get more cycles and discharge out of your battery than you did before. We even have have “extreme power” batteries for the dirt bike lover in your life. If you have ever had issues turning your motor over, you know the frustration. You never have to deal with that with Antigravity Batteries.

Longer Life

Lithium ion batteries have a longer life than their lead acid counterparts. Why would you want to replace your battery every other year? With Antigravity Batteries, they will last you longer than you could have thought possible.

When you are working on your motorsport bike and wanting to cut down your race times, try replacing your battery with something more lightweight. Get yours today.