Normal Guy Supercar, Antigravity Battery Install Video
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Normal Guy Supercar Video of Antigravity Install

For all you Ferrari guys out there…or other supercar/performance car owners, don’t miss Normal Guy Supercar’s video for the install of our Antigravity H6/Group-48 Lithium-Ion Battery in his Ferrari 458! We had a great time speaking with him at the recent SEMA show. Dan was pretty excited about our super lightweight batteries so we sent him one of our newest Re-Start Car Batteries along with one of our Battery Trackers so you can see from a “normal guy” how the install goes, and learn how upgrading to a Lithium Battery can prove beneficial in many ways.

As Dan explains:

“One common problem for many Ferrari owners is that they need to keep their cars on a battery tender due to parasitic losses. I’ve already helped multiple owners deal with dead batteries, trying to charge or worse yet, jump start their cars. You really need to be careful when jump starting a Ferrari as you can accidentally fry an ECU and then you’re looking at massive repair bills!

Antigravity Batteries sent me one of their H6 Group 48 Lithium Ion batteries to put into the Ferrari 458. It fits perfectly using the factory mounts and connections, but the Antigravity Battery is 30LBS lighter, has 1500CCA vs 900CCA, but best of all it has the restart feature which allows you to “jump start” your car if the battery starts to sense it’s getting low.

Basically this means, when the battery senses the power getting low, it shuts itself off. You then can use a remote control or the button on the battery to turn on the restart feature, which turns back on the battery and gives you more than enough power to start your car! This means, NO MORE BATTERY TENDER! No more getting stuck with a dead battery! Absolutely amazing.”

Watch his video below or on his youtube channel where you can get more details, check out the community discussion, and watch more of his stuff including “reviews, DIY maintenance, cost breakdowns, myth busting, opinions, experiences, friendships, and the adventures that come with owning a supercar”.



Check out the AG-H6 Lithium Battery powering Dan’s Ferrari.