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Upshift Tested: Micro-Start XP-10 Review

The guys at Upshift Magazine have been extensively testing the Micro-Start XP-10 all up and down the Western US for about 8 months. See what they have to say about it in Upshift issue 24 – August. The online magazine is free to read!

“We have had the XP-10 for about 8 months now and we have been very happy with it. Especially for what we do, the flexibility and capacity is amazing. With its two USB outputs and a 12v output, we use it as a portable power station more than anything. Charging phones and camera batteries on the move is great. When we have to trailer bikes to a shoot for logistical reasons, having it for back up has saved us a lot of time. Showing up with a dead battery on a bike happens when you rotate through as many bikes as we do. We have had it handy to assist our automotive friends as well. I have jumped a friend’s Duramax diesel last winter, my brother’s GTI and the neighbor’s F-150. It didn’t even flinch.”

Read the whole article in the August 2018 issue at Upshift Online.