Antigravity Batteries PRI Show 2019 Global Media Awards Winner
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Antigravity Wins 2 Global Media Awards at PRI

The PRI show is a lot like SEMA, and yet nothing like it! Well, SEMA and PRI do have a few things in common: they are managed by the same franchise and both shows are all about cars and motorcycles. But SEMA is mostly about the cosmetic side of things whereas PRI is about performance and performance only, hence Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show!

Antigravity batteries had something special for this event! Yes, we had a new product to showcase at PRI, our Antigravity H5 16v battery, with 1600 cranking amps! Yup 1600ca! This battery was a great conversational piece at PRI as our 16v battery only weighs 18 lbs!

The turnout at PRI was great, and we loved talking to our customers a lot. Not only this, but your favorite battery company won two 2019 PRI Global Media Awards for our new 16v Battery and our Bluetooth Battery Tracker!

PRI 2019 Antigravity Batteries Global Media Awards Winner
Antigravity Batteries wins two Global Media Awards at PRI

Here are some badass builds featured at PRI 2019! Yes some of them do have Antigravity Batteries too!