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Reviews on Our Micro-Start Jump-Starters

At Antigravity Batteries, we know that you have choices when it comes to how you charge your motorcycle, bike or car. But why would you buy anything else when our Micro-Start jump starters are getting such great reviews? This pocket-sized jump starter packs a real punch when it comes to getting your vehicle’s battery running again. Consumer Reports, online publications and even everyday Joes are raving about how well our devices have worked for them. We want to give you some of the highlights that we enjoyed reading.

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports has a report saying the small charger packs enough power in its container that will help you charge your car battery when you are in an emergency. They rave about the small LED battery that is built into the device. Consumer Reports also touches on the fact that the device comes with several different adapters so that you can not only charge your car battery, but also your phone, tablet, camera or other device.
Critic Edward Verheyden reviewed the Micro Start PPS XP-1 and called it “amazingly cool”. He gave our product 5 stars out of five. He commented on things like the fact that you can charge just about anything, anywhere. The micro start that he tested came with 18 different adapters including the jumper cables. He also mentions that the battery can last up to six months without use.

Sebastian’s Garage
Private critic Sebastian wrote his own review on the Micro Start PPS XP-3 after a trip on his K1200S (a BMW motorcycle), where his bike died after arriving at an event at Laguna Seca (a raceway in California). He was impressed by how easy it was to use due to the small alligator clips. Sebastian said that battery turned over in no time and there was still enough charge to jump the battery a few more times before he replaced the battery altogether.

There you have it. Three fantastic reviews on one of our best-selling items. If you are still not sure if it is right for you, feel free to do more research to find out more about it. Otherwise, get yours today.