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Antigravity Batteries & Romo Motorsports 2020

Antigravity Batteries is proud to announce our continued sponsorship of the family-oriented SxS race team Romo Motorsports for 2020!

Best In The Desert (BITD) Parker 250 Race Report by Romo Motorsports

Friday January 10 Short Course Race
Sierra started off the line in 3rd place right behind Randy after a landrush start. Parker AZ is known for the brutal dust so they were determined to get out front. Four miles into the race they were heading up Shea Rd at about 70 MPH when Randy hit a section of whoops that came out of nowhere due to the lingering dust. He rolled 150 feet and finally landed on his side. Sierra was the first one to him and got out of the car until medics came to him. He demanded that she finish the race and get on the podium for the team. Sierra got in her car and fought her way all the way to a second place finish behind Beau Judge! She is very impressed with her new Turbo S Holz build and cant wait to see what this season holds with her new short course car.

Romo Motosports, BITD Parker 250 Short Course Race
Sierra Romo

Desert Race

Saturday January 11th 2020

The T974 car took off the line in 32nd place and was instantly setting an unbelievable pace. Between the start and midway they had a small failure and had to pull into the pits to get it fixed which put them down a few minutes. Once they were out of the pits they put their heads down and charged to the front of the pack knowing they had a lot of time to make up. After the first lap they were already sitting in the top 10. Going
into the second lap their goal was to keep running a fast yet consistent pace. The next 2 laps they had zero failures and passed many more competitors putting them at the finish in 4th place just 14 seconds shy of the podium! We are very happy to start the season with this finish and cannot wait for the next race in a little over a month.

Romo Motosports, BITD Parker 250 Race, Sierra
Sierra Romo

T991 Sierra Romo
The T991 of Sierra Romo took off in 51st place in the dustiest race of the year. Her goal was to be a smart driver through the dust and not make any mistakes that could cost her the race. The first lap was flawless and the car was on rails! Sierra passed 36 competitors on the first lap putting her in 5th place on corrected time. This shocked our pit crew considering the brutal dust conditions. Coming in from the second lap Sierra ran over a nail and it had went through the tread. Luckily our Monster Seal kept it from leaking fast and she was able to still keep a competitive pace for 20-30 miles until they could get to the main pit to get changed out. Once the crew had got it changed out they realized she was down a couple of positions from the change. Going out for the final lap Sierra and Co Driver Wes charged to maintain a top 10 finish. They ran a fast last lap and got to the finish in 6th place!

Romo Motosports, BITD Parker 250 Race, Randy
Randy Romo

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Toyo Tires for the 2020 season. The new Open Country SXS Tire is a game changer. We already have a lot more confidence running these tires and our results can show for it. We know that this is a huge opportunity for Romo Motorsports and also our sponsors. We are the first SXS team to be joining the Toyo Family, which is an honor. Randy and Sierra will both be starting in the top 10 at the next BITD race in February.