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Spring Maintenance For Motorcycles

We are now officially in March and although the calendar still reads “winter” many parts of the country are experiencing warmer than average temperatures and that gets us excited for riding the open roads. At Antigravity Batteries, we know that you are eager to get on the back of your motor bike but there are some things that you will want to do before you head out. Chances are pretty good that you haven’t started your bike all winter so we thought that we would provide you with a few maintenance suggestions you should do before you hit the road.


After a long winter, the fluids in your bike could have evaporated or gone bad so it is a good idea to check all of your fluids and replace them if necessary. Gasoline and oil are going to be your biggest culprits when it comes to evaporation. Unless you changed the oil right before you put your bike away for the winter, chances are you are going to have to replace it now. Same with gas.


Bike batteries can have a hard time over the cold winter. If they have not been used in a few months, it could be that the battery does not have a good enough charge left. So one of the first things you should do is take the battery out and charge it overnight. If you find that your battery no longer holds a charge, you need to look into replacement batteries. You should also clean all of the terminals and connections.

When it comes to lightweight lithium batteries for your motor bike, you need to check out the selection that we have to offer you at Antigravity Batteries so that you are ready for spring.