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Winter Effects on Your Battery

Most of the country has most likely experienced the effects of winter already this season, unless you live in Miami, in which case we would like to say how jealous we are of you. Part of the county, like the northeast and Rocky Mountains, have seen more snow in the last month or so then they have all winter. So using your motorized bike may not be on the top of your to-do list. However, leaving your bike just sit in the cold for months at a time may not be a very wise choice either.

Many people don’t know that even if your motorcycle is off, your battery still needs power. This means that the juice in your lithium battery is still being used. So, when, after four or five months of sitting, you start up the engine, you could find that they battery is dead. This is a common thing we hear as spring rolls in. So we recommend that you “wake up” your bike every so often this winter. To do this, you can do a few different things.

One thing that you can do to keep your battery running this winter is to turn your headlights on, if your bike has them. Leave them on until your headlights are at their brightest. Another thing you can do is sound your horn (again, if your bike has one) until it sounds normal to you. You can also cycle the fuel pump 10-15 times. This is will help your battery become more powerful. Once that is done, you should be able to start your bike and have it run for a little while until the battery is warmed up.

It is important to keep your battery powered through the winter if you plan on using it at the first sight of spring. But if you do need a new battery, Antigravity batteries has just what you need. Shop with us today.