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Steps to Replacing Your Lithium Battery

When you need to replace the battery on your motorized vehicle, you don’t want to just guess at what type of battery you currently have or what kind you need. You need to have some in depth information or you could be looking at some problems in your future. Today, we would like to go over some of the basic information that you will need when you are looking to buy a new lightweight lithium battery for your motorbike.

Size and Power

You may need a 6-volt battery but what size is it? Some batteries have the power that you are looking for but will not fit in the spot that has been dedicated to the battery. Also, what is your voltage needs? If you have a 48-volt system, then you will need to have the right combination of batteries to fulfil that voltage and still fit in the compartment.

Space Around Batteries

During use, batteries have a tendency to expand slightly, so you will want to have enough space between your batteries so that they do not cause problems for you down the road. Air needs to flow properly so that it can help keep the temperature of the battery down so that it doesn’t overheat.


It is recommended that you check your battery on a regular basis. You should look for cracks and make sure that the posts, connections and the rest of the battery are clean and free of debris. If your battery needs to be cleaned, remember to wear protective gear so that you do not get hurt.

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