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Types of Motorsports that Need Lightweight Batteries

When it comes to motorsports, nothing is more exhilarating than racing motorbikes. And to be the best, you have to practice on your bike for hours on end so that you can be faster than anyone else. You also have to learn how your bike handles the tracks. But something that more and more people are finding out is that the lighter your bike is, the faster you are going to be. That is where Antigravity Lightweight Batteries come into play. Here are some of the sports that you can train for and possibly win with a lightweight battery for your bike.


Motocross racing is done on off-road circuits. These are dirt tracks with lots of hills, called “jumps”, that riders have to maneuver throughout the course. The races are done using a dirtbike with thick, dirt-gripping tires and make great use out of shock absorbers since there are several jumps and bumps in the course. Many sports came out of the motocross idea such as Freestyle Motocross, SuperMoto, ATV/Quad Motocross and Supercross. All bike used in these sports use a lightweight lithium motorcycle battery.


MotoGP is a road race that is done at very high speeds. There are different classes based on the weight of the bike. You will recognize this sport because when the bikers make a turn the sides of their body and bikes come very close to scraping the road. There are specific engine specification that are required before you can be allowed to race.


Superbike racing is a form of motorcycle racing that uses highly modified motorcycles. This is different from MotoGP in that they use purpose-built motorcycles.

No matter what type of racing you are into, your bike will become faster with one of Antigravity’s lightweight batteries. Get yours today!