Thumpertalk Tested: Antigravity Restart Battery & KTM Enduro Bike
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ThumperTalk Tested: ATZ10-RS Review

Antigravity Batteries Lithium Ion Battery with Restart Technology

ThumperTalk put our game-changing RE-START battery to the test! They spent several months riding with the Antigravity ATZ10-RS lithium battery installed in a KTM Enduro R. Those dual sport bikes don’t have a back-up kickstarter, so our exclusive RE-START technology was an appealing feature of our new RS battery line for motorcycles & powersports vehicles. TT just published their review on the ATZ10-RS battery’s performance and their experience with its emergency restart function.

“Over the last several months of riding with my Antigravity Batteries RE-START lithium ion battery, it’s been flawless.

Antigravity ATZ10-RS Battery, Thumpertalk Review
Lots of cranking power in a lightweight package. Photo: ThumperTalk
Antigravity Re-Start Battery, ThumperTalk Tested
Press the RE-START button to bring the battery back to life. Photo: ThumperTalk


  • Huge weight savings over lead acid (2.5lbs vs. 6.625lbs).
  • Faster starts because of stronger cranking power.
  • Smart technology that keeps you from being stranded.
  • Smart technology that extends battery life.
  • Flexible 4-terminal design.


  • Until remote RE-START button is released [coming soon!], for some bikes, getting to battery RE-START button could be challenging.

If you want the weight savings that lithium ion batteries offer, but without the risks of being stranded from being over discharged, Antigravity Batteries RE-START battery is not only a good choice, being the first of its kind, it’s your only choice.”

Check out the Full Article to see everything they have to say.

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