Dirt Wheels Feature: Micro-Start XP-1, Antigravity Batteries
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Dirt Wheels Features Our MICRO-START

The August issue of Dirt Wheels magazine is on sale now at your local newsstand, including a product review on our Micro-Start XP-1! Grab a copy of Dirt Wheels and check out their product evaluation “A tiny electrical miracle”, or to subscribe on their website.

Dirt Wheels Review, Micro-Start XP-1, August 2018

“Once we were happy to have jumper cables on hand when our hauler vehicle or our electric-start off-road machines needed a shot of electrons to get started. Later we thought it was cool when we had a 5–10-pound jump box for the same purpose, but now we have the Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start XP-1 jump-starter.”

Update Aug 6: Now you can read the whole article online here.

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