Antigravity Batteries offers a complete Accessory line that works great with your Antigravity Lightweight Lithium Starter Battery or other lithium batteries used in Performance Cars, Motorcycles and Powersports Vehicles. Our accessories include Lithium Chargers, Adapters and Harnesses, Battery Trays and more.

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OptiMate TM-485 Lithium 4-Bank Charger 0.8A


OptiMate TM-271 Lithium Charger 12/16V


OptiMate TM-291 Lithium Charger 5A


ATX30 LC Fab Battery Tray


ATX20 LC Fab Battery Tray


LC Fabrications 12 or 16 Cell Battery Box


Antigravity 16V Lithium Charger 5A


CTEK 12V Lithium US Smart Charger 4.3A


Antigravity 8-Cell Aluminum Battery Tray


LC Fabrications 8-Cell Battery Box


LC Fabrications 4-Cell Battery Box


Antigravity 4-Cell Aluminum Battery Tray


OptiMate TM-471 Lithium Charger 0.8A


OptiMate TS-127 Battery Tester


OptiMate TS-121 Battery Tester


Antigravity Battery Tracker (LEAD/ACID)


Antigravity Battery Tracker (LITHIUM)


Antigravity 6V Lithium Charger 2A