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RS-30 Mounting Kit


NEW Drop-In Mounting Kits to quickly & easily install our Lithium RS-30 Car Battery in your sports car, muscle car, or other hi-performance race vehicle.

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The Antigravity RS-30 lithium battery is very compact, with a smaller footprint than the original H6/Group-48 lead/acid battery found in your Porsche (or other Hi-Performance Car). But with this Mounting Tray attached to the RS-30, it then directly swaps into any Porsche that uses the “H6” aka “Group 48” size with no need for modifications. This makes the RS-30 a quick and relatively painless battery swap most anyone can do.

This RS-30 Mounting Kit uses the same stock mounting cleats as your 991.1 or 991.2 or any car using the Group 48/H6 size Battery including GT4s, Boxsters as well as most all other vehicles that use that battery size. The RS-30 Mounting Tray simply screws onto the bottom of the RS-30 battery, then becomes a direct swap for the H6/Group 48 battery.

The mounting tray is a CNC’d Aluminum design available in 3 colors: Billet (raw Aluminum) or anodized Black, or Blue. The kit also includes a matching Top Bar, two Support posts and hardware.

This Mounting Kit does NOT include the RS-30 Lithium Battery – you can find that HERE.


The Antigravity BT-H6 Aluminum Battery Tray allows fitment of our RS-30 Lithium-Ion Battery into your vehicle using your vehicle’s OEM mounting system, so basically a Drop-In fit. The BT-H6 Tray (which attaches to the RS-30) mimics the bottom mounting cleats found on a number of Lead/Acid Batteries sizes listed below. But it should also be noted that the RS-30 is TALLER that some stock batteries listed below. So please check your measurements before purchase.

RS-30 measurement LxWxH: 9.5 x 6.2 x 7.9 inches (mm: 242 x 157 x 200)

Side Cleats
If your vehicle mounts using the bottom cleats of your existing Lead/Acid battery from Left to Right (Measurement “A”) then this tray will work with the following Battery size (Most Porsches):

  • H6 same as Group 48

Front/Back Cleats
If your vehicle mounts using the bottom cleats of your existing Lead/Acid battery from Front to Back (Measurement “B”) then this tray will work with a number of Battery sizes:

  • T5 same as Group 96R
  • H6 same as Group 48
  • H7 same as Group 94R

Ultimately this depends on the bottom mounting type in your vehicle, and if your vehicle uses the bottom mounting system, and the height you need to achieve. Please check all measurements before purchase.

RS30 & ATX30 Mounting Kits, Fitment Measurements Reference
Tray measurement "A" is side to side. Measurement "B" is front to back.

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