The BEST Deep Cycle Battery EVER?!

That’s a bold statement… but we feel it holds true if you are looking for the best Deep Cycle Battery for your RV, Boat, Off-Grid applications or Solar setups. Antigravity Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries are extremely lightweight and have features that give you more usable energy, better performance, more versatility, and will last years longer than lead/acid. Combine that with our intelligent battery management system (BMS) built-in for full protection and ultimate safety and you will see why we believe ours is the best Deep Cycle Battery ever!

Benefits of Antigravity LITHIUM Batteries


Lithium-Ion batteries are up to 75% lighter than equivalent lead/acid versions. The massive weight savings help make your vehicle lighter and more efficient so you can enjoy better mileage and many other performance benefits. It also makes installation much easier, and for uses where you need to move the battery around it’s much simpler. Antigravity Deep Cycle Batteries only weigh ~26 lbs yet they offer 30 to 40% more usable energy than lead/acid batteries of the same Amp Hour capacity.


Lithium has TWICE the energy of Lead/Acid because Lead cannot be fully discharged and Lithium can. Comparing a 100Ah Antigravity Lithium Deep Cycle Battery to a 100Ah Lead/Acid Deep Cycle Battery, our Lithium version will supply anywhere from 30 to 40% more usable energy. Although both batteries are rated at 100 Amp Hours, this is possible because a Lead/Acid battery can only be safely discharged to 50%-80% of its rated capacity (depending on the quality and age of your battery), or it will be damaged by over-discharge and its lifespan dramatically shortened. A Lithium battery can be safely discharged using 95% to 100% of its rated capacity, with no damaging effects.

Another area where Lithium excels over Lead/Acid is in its discharge performance efficiency. For example as the discharge current or the load on a Lead/Acid battery increases, the efficiency of the lead/acid battery decreases. Lithium batteries can be discharged at higher currents while maintaining much more of its capacity during these higher current discharges. Additionally, while the voltage of Lead/Acid batteries keeps going down as it loses energy, a Lithium battery will retain a higher, very stable voltage during its complete discharge. This means accessories and appliances will continue to operate better since they will be getting the correct voltage supply they need for proper operation.

Lithium will also provide a lot more usable energy in close to freezing weather: the capacity of a Lead/Acid battery is reduced by up to 50%, while a Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery suffers only a 15% loss at the same lower temperature. So you have more capacity in the cold with Lithium Batteries.


After you have discharged your battery or bank of batteries then you must recharge them, and the fact is our Lithium Battery can recharge up to 4 times faster than a Lead/Acid Battery using the same charging current. This is because lithium is more efficient at accepting the energy coming into it, and a Lithium Battery does not require the Absorption Phase that is necessary to get a Lead/Acid battery to 100% charged. This efficiency from Lithium also translates when using solar panels: a lithium battery will take more of the charge from solar panels and be much faster and more efficient than charging a Lead/Acid Battery with the same solar panels and incoming charging energy.


Longer Life is a key benefit of our Antigravity Deep Cycle Batteries. Antigravity Batteries uses the highest quality Lithium Ion cells that are UL and IEC Listed and are rated at 4000-5000 cycles; a Lead/Acid battery averages from 500 to 1000 cycles at best. Please note that a Cycle is a full discharge and recharge of the battery. So we can compare these “rated cycles” numbers because they directly indicate the lifespan of a battery if maintained properly. Additionally, Lithium is not as affected by higher heats as lead/acid is, which can dramatically shorten their lifespan. Our batteries also have the massive benefit of being built with an intelligent BMS to keep it in the safest, optimal operating range and protect it from accidental damage such as over-discharge, which is the leading cause of damage for any type of battery.


Lithium batteries are much more resistant to vibration than lead/acid. Their incredible shock- and vibration-resistance makes them perfect for any application requiring a durable battery. They are also less prone to heat damage than lead/acid.


You can mount our battery in any orientation in the vehicle without fear. There is no acid to spill out or anything that can damage your paint or surrounding area.


One of the best reasons to switch to Lithium-Ion batteries is that they are much cleaner and safer for the environment than lead/acid. No Acid or Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury. Won’t release dangerous Hydrogen while charging. Won’t leak liquids that are damaging to your finish or chassis such as acid.


Lithium batteries cost more upfront than lead/acid batteries, but they offer a lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the battery. They offer over 4X the lifespan of Lead/Acid, and you will be able to store and discharge much more energy during the life of the Lithium Battery. Additionally, with our Lithium Deep Cycle Battery you have some very important benefits such as the light weight, increased efficiency, built-in Battery Management Protection System, less maintenance, much faster charging and much better performance overall.

Added Benefits of ANTIGRAVITY Deep Cycle


Another great benefit of Antigravity Lithium Batteries – and a first in the Deep Cycle Batteries market – is our exclusive Bluetooth monitoring system for your Apple or Android phone, tablet or other device. Simply download our free App and you will be able to view the real-time status of the battery. You can see the State of Charge, the Voltage, the Amps going out of the battery to power your loads, the Amps coming into the battery when you’re charging it, the individual Cell Voltages, and battery’s interior Temperature. The app for our V1 model of DC-100 battery has additional features such as logs, alerts and more.


Our new Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries are equipped with a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), which acts as a control system for the battery’s operation. The intelligent BMS offers protections against over-discharge, over-charge, and short-circuiting as well as thermal protections and cell balancing. The BMS does not allow the battery to function outside its safest and optimal operating ranges, and protects the lithium battery from being damaged by internal or external issues which would damage lead/acid batteries. This makes for the Safest, Longest-Lasting Battery possible and allows you to get the most life-cycle from the battery.


Lithium Batteries have a much lower Self Discharge rate than lead/acid batteries. Self-Discharge is when a battery simply discharges even if it’s not connected to anything. For example if you store your RV for many months in between uses you will often find that you still come back to a dead battery even though you might have disconnected the battery from your system. The reason for this is that there is a chemical reaction that occurs between the Lead and the Acid that creates this self discharge, and in many circumstances if you leave the battery too long in this condition it can end up damaging or ruining a lead/acid battery.

This can be an important factor for some that store their vehicles a long time. Since a Lithium Battery has a much lower self-discharge rate it can hold a charge much longer than lead/acid, even when disconnected. This does not mean you do not have to check your lithium battery for a good charge, but it will be able to hold a charge longer than a lead/acid battery.

Furthermore, our Antigravity Lithium Battery won’t be damaged since its built-in protections will put itself to sleep if it senses it will be over-discharged.