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Types of Sport Bikes that Need Lightweight Batteries

Here, we would like to talk about different types of motorcycles that would benefit from having a lithium battery.

Dirt Bike

This bike is great for off roading and can go just about anywhere. This motorbike is lightweight already and is designed specifically for rough surfaces. Dirt bikes have wide tires that have deep grooves so that is can maneuver the rocks, mud and dirt that it may come across.

Dual Sport

This type of bike is street legal, which means it is able to go on the roads as well as in the dirt. They have the same features as most cars such as lights, mirrors, a horn, and even a licence plate. They look very similar to a dirt bike, however. The difference is in the features.

Sport Bike

These bikes are type of motorcycles that is built for speed. They can also be modified for acceleration, braking and taking corners on pavement. This type of bike can be seen in many different races throughout the world.


A cross between a dirt bike and a sport bike, this bike is able to alternate between three types of tracks: a flat track, motocross track (dirt) and road racing. While they are not street legal, owners can modify them to become legal. They would have to add lights, a horn, mirrors and street legal tires to make that happen.

All of these types of bikes would benefit greatly from having a lightweight battery installed. When you are ready to make a change, get yours from Antigravity Batteries.