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Micro-Start Jump-Starter Battery PacksDue to the overwhelming popularity of our Award-Winning MICRO-START, the original Pocket-sized Lithium Jump Starter, we have given this product line its own website. The MICRO-START can jump-start your vehicle, or charge your Laptop, Cell Phone or Tablet no matter where you are. Yet fits in your POCKET!!! LEARN MORE>>>
Antigravity Batteries Lithium-Ion BatteriesAntigravity Batteries makes Lithium-Ion batteries for your Motorcycle, Powersports Vehicles or Race Cars. Made in the USA and offered in either OEM exact fit sizes or our incredibly compact “Small Case” format that offers up to 80% weight savings over lead/acid batteries, with much better starting. LEARN MORE>>>
Chargers and AccessoriesWe offer Chargers and Accessories to get the most out of your lithium battery. We have a growing line of accessories for our MICRO-START products as well. Check here for Chargers, Quick Disconnect Harnesses, Battery Trays and other items to help with your battery needs. MORE>>>


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