Antigravity Batteries & Star Racing Yamaha 2020
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Antigravity Batteries & Star Racing Yamaha 2020

Antigravity Batteries is proud to announce the renewal of our sponsorship with the Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team in 2020, with Shane McElrath joining defending 250SX West Champion Dylan Ferrandis and teammates Justin Cooper and Colt Nichols. The four will battle for Monster Energy 250SX Division titles aboard the Yamaha YZ250F.

Dylan Ferrandis, Star Yamaha Racing, Antigravity-Sponsored
Dylan Ferrandis

Last year, Ferrandis proved to be a bold contender when he brought the heat in the final stretch of the 250SX West Championship, scoring three wins and eight podiums to ultimately take the title dramatically at the season finale in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also made a final run at the Pro Motocross 250MX Championship, taking four wins to finish second overall. The tenacious Frenchman looks to build on his success with the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing crew in 2020 and go for another title aboard the Yamaha YZ250F.

Shane McElrath, Star Yamaha Racing, Antigravity-Sponsored
Shane McElrath

The newest team member, McElrath, brings a lot of experience to the team as a proven championship contender. He has six career wins in the 250 class and was the 250SX Western Division runner-up in 2015 and 2017. Last year, the North Carolinian took the Triple Crown win at Anaheim II with a 3-2-1 tally and was able to finish eighth in the point standings in spite of a mid-season injury. Healthy and ready to go with his new team, McElrath aims to seal the deal on his first title.

Justin Cooper, Star Yamaha Racing, Antigravity-Sponsored
Justin Cooper

In what was his first full season in Supercross, Cooper had a standout year in 2019. He finished second overall in the 250SX East Championship with six podiums. With more experience under his belt, the 22-year-old aims to build on his 2019 success with more wins and a number-one plate.

Colt Nichols, Star Yamaha Racing, Antigravity-Sponsored
Colt Nichols

Nichols came out swinging in 2019, taking his first Supercross win at the season opener in Anaheim. The fan-favorite went on to put on a great show, scoring six podiums to end the year third in the 250SX West standings. 2020 marks his fourth season with the team and he looks to kick it off with another win to get the ball rolling for his title campaign.

Star Racing Yamaha YZ250F, Antigravity AG-401
Yamaha YZ250F with Antigravity AG-401

Star Yamaha riders use Antigravity Batteries AG-401, which is a small case format lithium-ion battery. The AG-401 is the smallest battery in the Antigravity Batteries line-up, and the most compact lightweight Lithium motorsport battery available. With 120 cranking amps, it only weighs 1 pound, making it ideal for performance applications where you need extreme weight loss, space savings, and extreme power!!

Star Racing Yamaha 2020, Antigravity-Sponsored

Antigravity Batteries sponsored Star Yamaha is ready to take on the 2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship! Round 1 gets underway at its traditional season-opening venue in Anaheim, California, on Saturday January 4, at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.



Check out the AG-401 Lithium Battery powering Star Racing.

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