SMART Clamps (SPORT, Older XP1, XP3)

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SMART Clamps for the Micro-Start SPORT, and the Original models of XP-1 and XP-3. Features 5 built-in protections to safely jump-start vehicles!

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PLEASE NOTE: These Replacement Clamps are for the Micro-Start SPORT, and the ORIGINAL models of the XP-1 and XP-3 ONLY. They will Not work with the Newly Redesigned versions of the XP-1 and XP-3! If you have the newer models, go Here.


These are replacement mini clamps for use with the Micro-Start SPORT and the ORIGINAL models of the Micro-Start XP-1 and XP-3. The SMART jumper Clamps have multiple built-in protections, and offer an upgrade over the standard clamps that came with the Micro-Start models mentioned above.

Reverse-Polarity Protection built into Clamps


Protects from connecting the Smart Clamps in reverse polarity. The clamps will not allow User to Jump Start and will Notify User with RED LED Flashing.

Short-Circuit Protection built into Clamps


If the Smart Clamps touch or are connected together accidentally the clamps will disconnect immediately and not allow Short-Circuit.


If the BOOST BUTTON is pressed this will BYPASS the safety features of the Smart Clamps. Use CAUTION and make certain Clamps are connected correctly at Battery Terminals BEFORE pressing Boost Button.

Reverse-Current Protection built into Clamps


If the clamps are left on the vehicle, the Reverse Current protection will not allow a Back-Charging into the MICRO-START. In any case we still suggest never leaving the unit connected to a vehicle more than 30 seconds after a Start.

Over-Current Protection built into Clamps


If the Current exceeds 600 amps the Smart Clamps will shut down automatically protecting the unit from damage.

Over-Discharge Protection Clamps


When the output voltage of the MICRO-START is less than 10 Volts the clamps will not allow jump starting or further amperage discharge from the clamps.


  • 1pc SMART CLAMPS (replacement for use with SPORT, and Older/Original models of XP-1 and XP-3 Micro-Starts).



  • XP-1 (Original Design)
  • XP-3 (Original Design)

SPORT Micro-Start Power Supply & Jump-Starter   XP-1 ORIGINAL DESIGN, Micro-Start PPS   XP-3 ORIGINAL DESIGN, Micro-Start PPS


Please refer to the images below to see how the tips (that plug into jump port) differ between the Smart Clamps. The XP-10 clamps connector tip is curved. The Old XP-3 and XP-1 clamps tips are an EC5 connector.The New XP-3 and XP-1 have thermal protection and you can see the pin hole in its clamps connector tip.

XP10 Harness Connector Tip

XP-10 Only

SPORT, XP5, Old XP1, Old XP3 Harness Connector Tip

SPORT, Old XP-3 & XP-1

New XP1, New XP3 Harness Connector Tip

New XP-3 and XP-1


  1. The MICRO-START is for Jump-Starting ONLY through the Jump-Start port!
  2. Never leave the Micro-Start connected to your vehicle’s battery for longer than 30 seconds, or use in place of your regular battery in your vehicle.
  3. Do not try to charge the Micro-Start directly from your battery through the jump start port. Severe damage can result!

Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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3 reviews for SMART Clamps (SPORT, Older XP1, XP3)

  1. Troy M

    This arrived today and its a lot nicer then the original cables that came with the booster kit. These are super beefy and made to do a lot of boosting.

  2. Gary Christoff

    When you make a mistake when hooking the cables to the battery it is a very good idea to have the extra protection to prevent the possibly of causing a dangerious accident.Very happy and safe now.Thanks and amazed at the power that is stored in compact package.would and will recommend this product to all my friends.

  3. Anonymous

    Can’t keep them on the shelf

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