ADV Moto Project Bike CRF250L with AG-801 Lithium Battery
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ADV Moto CRF250L Project Bike uses AG-801

Project Bike: Honda CRF250L Rally Replica

When the guys at ADV Moto turned one of their abused little Hondas into a true project bike, their goal wasn’t to make it super fast or comfortable… it was time to turn this relatively boring stock machine into an attention-grabbing bike with character that people would get excited about. From performance to ergonomics to bodywork and lighting, they modded the bike in all areas and “completely transformed the balky street-based dual-sport into a compliant off-road machine”. The Antigravity Lithium AG-801 Battery was the perfect solution for their desired weight reduction.

To help shed some pounds we replaced the stock acid battery with an Antigravity 8 Cell Lithium Battery, removing several pounds from a high point on the bike and increasing the bike’s already balanced feel. An easy way to shed more weight would have been to upgrade the exhaust system, but we prefer our bikes to be as quiet as possible.

Read their article HERE.

ADV Moto's Project Bike with Antigravity AG-801 Lithium Battery. Photos by ADV Moto

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