Cruiser Magazine's Yamaha Zuma Offroad Conversion AG-801 Battery
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Cruiser Magazine’s Yamaha Zuma 155 Project

The guys at Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine had been using the stock scooter battery in their Yamaha Zuma 155 offroad conversion project (bumped up from a 125). But that battery finally died as it was straining more to turn the larger motor over on startup. So they reached out to us for a solution and our hi-power lithium AG-801 Small Case model proved to be the perfect fit.

“The Antigravity battery is virtually the same size as stock, but that is the only similarity between the two. First off, the stock battery is only a 6 ampere-hour (AH) and the Antigravity is a 9 AH. On top of that the stock battery only produces 100 cold cranking amps (cca) compared to the Antigravity’s 240 cca. They also differ in weight, with the stock battery coming in at 3.0 pounds versus the 1.7 pounds the Antigravity battery comes in at.

Crank time was around three seconds with the stock battery before firing up, and with the new AG-801 battery it is less than a second. If you beef up a small-displacement motor, we would suggest something from Antigravity.”

Read their article here: Antigravity AG-801 Battery Install And Comparison To Stock.

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