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AmPro Yamaha Secret to Fitting YZ-F Tank on FX

Antigravity Batteries’ sponsored team AmPro Yamaha shows Dirt Rider magazine how they solve the problem of fitting a larger aftermarket YZ-F fuel tank on their Yamaha FX off-road bikes. Read the Dirt Rider article here.

Due to a larger battery under the seat, the FX aftermarket tanks are smaller having less capacity than the YZ-F tanks by almost a half gallon. That extra fuel can make all the difference in a GNCC race, so AmPro Yamaha mechanics Corey MacDonald and Lucas Statom have a secret solution for using the larger YZ-F tank while making everything else fit, without sacrificing anything on the bike.

“According to Lucas, the big secret to making everything fit is to replace the rather large stock battery (4 inches thick) with a much thinner (1.5 inches) Antigravity SC-1 Lithium Motorcycle Battery and then carving out a notch underneath the seat to accommodate the new lithium battery. Lucas next puts a metal plate in the notched-out area so the rider can’t feel it and then coats it all with Yamabond. In addition to the fuel-capacity gain, there is a huge weight savings and an increase in cranking amps.”

Click below to read the actual article & see all the photos on Dirt Rider!


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Antigravity Batteries is proud to sponsor the AmPro Yamaha Race Team – check them out on Facebook.

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