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Purvines Racing, Adelanto NGPC Rd 1 2019

Race Report by Purvines Racing

Justin Seeds

First round of racing at the NGPC couldn’t have went any better. Ended up Winning the double A open class on Saturday and then winning the pro race Sunday and becoming the new king of Adelanto as some would call it. The start of the race wasn’t the best but I was able to get up the inside of the first corner and come out about 4th place and started to make passes in the first few corners to get myself up into 2nd place behind Trevor Stewart. Once I was there I knew Trevor was going to put down a good pace and if I could stay with him I would give myself a shot of winning by the end of the race. When the pit sign came out letting me know to pit on the next lap I knew I needed to pick it up a little and get closer to Trevor so we could possibly make up time in the pits which we ride but unfortunately got held up by the officials at the end waiting for a slower rider to pass before letting me go. I know it’s for safety but it sucks when you have a great pit stop and then lose that time back. So after leaving the pit I put my head down and did everything I could and gave it everything I had to catch Trevor and make the pass with a lap and half to go. We both had problems with slower rides and it made it a stressful last lap but we pulled thru and I have to give it up to Trevor for never trying to take a cut line to get back around me. Thank you to everyone for coming out to support and the whole team and all our great sponsors!

Tyler Lynn

Coming into the first round of the NGPC series I was super stoked to not only be able to do the full series but also to begin my first season with Purvines Racing. We showed up Friday around midday to practice and get the first taste of the race bike and the 2-Stroke once again. First practice went super good and I was so stoked on how my bike handles and Collin had it running so clean. Definitely the best running 2-stroke I have ever rode. After practice we got the bike all cleaned up and ready to race the next day.

Saturday’s race didn’t start till 3 in the afternoon so we got to watch and hang out all day in the pits. When the time came I got geared up and headed to the line to find out most of the people that were racing had already lined up. So I had to start on the very outside. Luckily I got a great jump and came out of the first corner fourth and made some immediate passes and got to the front of the 250AA pack pretty quick. Once I found my groove I put my head down and charged hard for the four laps that we raced and passed quite a few of the 450AA and ended up winning the 250AA line with a decent lead. I put down some great laps showing that I had the speed to run towards the top and happy with how I rode. After our race I headed back and helped Collin with what I could to get ready for the Pro race Sunday. After that I went and got a great night sleep and felt really prepared coming into the Pro race.

I got geared up a little earlier Sunday so I could get a better starting line. Got a pretty decent inside line and I knew if I got the jump I could come out pretty good around the first corner. When they put up the 30 second board my heart started pounding and I focused myself for what was about to happen. When the light turned white I got a super good jump and came into the first turn in the lead but ended up taking it a little to wide letting Nick Stover and Ciaran Naran by. The first few miles I chased them until I had the opportunity to get by Nick and lost a little bit of time to Ciaran. I kept the pace I was running and got right on Ciaran’s tail when we had a little bit of a straight to a corner that had two different lines. I kept it on the gas a little longer than him and got the better line of the two and it put me in the lead. After that I picked up the pace a little bit and started catching a few of the pros before the end of lap one. After a few laps of running that pace I opened up a bit of a gap from second place and put myself right behind my teammate Axel Pearson. I knew he had a good pace going so I just followed his tail for the next lap and a half until he put a few hundred yards on me. I still had a great pace going when I came around a corner and seen Axel getting up off the ground from a crash. I slowed down to see if he was alright and he gave me a thumbs up, so I took off again and found the same groove that I was in before. I came into pits and got a super quick pitstop thanks to Collin, Ron, My dad and the rest of the crew. I joined back onto course and made a few passes on lappers ahead of me before I got back out to the Desert Section. The course by this point was super beat up and had a lot of G-outs and huge breaking bumps, thanks to my Precision Concept Suspension I was able to keep my bike planted and stay insanely smooth for the condition of the track. The gap between me and second place stayed about the same throughout the next few laps when I finally put in a super smooth and fast lap and opened the gap up a little more. I knew I had a little bit of room to breath and stay focused on the people in head of me instead of the people behind me. Coming into the finish I still felt pretty decent after racing an hour and a half on one of the most beat up rough courses I have raced in a while.

Ended up with a First Pro2 and 8th Overall. I am super pumped to finish the race with great results but also that I didn’t have one single crash or any huge mistakes in the two days of racing. Felt good to know that I came out of here with the safe and happy with points lead and a GREAT start to the 2019 season. Gotta give a huge Thanks the Ron and Collin for all their hard work and providing me with the best bikes and support out there and also another thanks to everyone else that supports me and the team, Thank you guys!

Axel Pearson

The Adelanto GP is a race I’ve always wanted to do and fortunately was able to race it last year and finish 9th so of course I wanted to improve! I was also using this for training for the NHHA Series which is the #1 focus this year! The start wasn’t too good as a few turns in a rider went down and he took myself out with him! My bike was stuck on his and by the time I took off the Pro 250 line had left and wasn’t far behind! I tried to ride a smart pace and get passed as many guys as quickly as I could! My teammate Tyler Lynn has caught me by the First lap so my goal was to ride with him and try to push each other to the front! I had some arm pump the first 3 laps but managed it well and worked my way up to 6th or 7th with Tyler keeping pace! Heading out on lap 4 I loosened up and decided to push 100% and ended up passing Justin Wallis (he was struggling with arm pump too) unfortunately half way thru the loop I came out of a turn and got on the gas hard and the rear end stepped out and caught a square edge and high sided me right to the ground! The crash wasn’t high speed but it hit my head pretty good and I couldn’t focus well after so I decided not to do that again and make sure I finish! I ended up 12th Pro for the day which isn’t good but I was happier with how I rode! At least I’m all good and just a little sore but we’ll be ready for the NHHA next weekend! Thanks to Ron Purvines, Collin Woolsey and the whole Purvines Racing Team for the hard work and hope to be back to a NGPC soon!!!



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