Antigravity Batteries offers an unequaled line of Accessories and replacement parts for use with the MICRO-START products, or other mini jump-starter brands. Our complete line of accessories allows you to use your MICRO-START to its fullest potential.

Our selection continues to grow! From cables, tips and clamps to our compact Tire Inflator/Air Pump and more – you can find it here. We sell compatible charging cords for devices such as iPhone and Android, as well as harnesses for clampless jump-starting of your vehicle. These accessories allow you to use your MICRO-START for many other uses aside from just boosting your vehicle or charging your mobile phone. Check out all these useful parts to get the most from your MICRO-START product.

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42″ Clampless Starting Harness (SPORT, Older XP1, XP3)

42″ Clampless Starting Harness (Newer XP1, XP3)

42″ Clampless Starting Harness (XP10, XP10-HD)

Wall Charger (AU plug)


ADV Tire Inflator (XP1, XP10, XP10-HD)


Wall Charger (UK plug)


Wall Charger (EU plug)


Heavy Duty (HD) SMART Clamps (XP10, XP10-HD)


16″ Clampless Starting Harness (Newer XP1, XP3)


SMART Clamps (Newer XP1, XP3)


Female Cig Socket into EC5 Connector


20″ DC Extension Cable (XP1, XP10, XP10-HD)


Replacement Laptop Tips (XP1, XP10, XP10-HD)


Wall Charger


Mobile Cigarette Port Charger (Older XP1)


Mobile Cigarette Port Charger


16″ Clampless Starting Harness (XP10, XP10-HD)


Tire Inflator / Air Pump (XP1, XP10, XP10-HD)