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Purvines Racing, Idaho NHHA 2019

Race Report by Purvines Racing

Tyler Lynn

We showed up to the race site Friday pretty late so we got all set up and went straight to bed. Saturday I got to watch my little brother kick butt in his race and got to ride the race bike around a little bit till it started to rain later in the day. Got all signed up and ready to go for Sunday. Sunday morning woke up and the dirt and weather were nearly perfect. I headed to the start and found a good line and waited for the banner to drop. When the banner dropped my bike fired up and I got a great jump. I had a straight line to the banners and the only two people I could see that were in front of me were Joe Wasson and Kendall Norman when their lines came together and I saw Kendall go down super hard. I went to stop to make sure he was he was alright but when I went to slow down I about got hit by several people. I saw another rider stop so I took off so I wouldn’t get hit.

Luckily for the rain the night before there was no dust and I could make passes very easily. The first few miles I made a lot of passes and got myself somewhere inside the top 10 right behind Daemon Woolslayer and my teammate Axel Pearson. I got by Daemon pretty quick but but it took me about 5 miles to get by Axel. After I got by both of them I had Ricky Brabec and Jacob Argubright in my sights always ahead. So I tried picking up the pace a little bit and tried to put some time on them when my other teammate Nick Burson passed me like I was standing still. He was hauling, so I just tried to stay on his tail for as long as I could. We ended up catching Ricky at the same time and both got by him pretty quick. After that we rode some really sweet flowy gravel washes and some windy roads in the hills. Nick had put some time on me before we came into the first alternate pit. I got a super fast pit and back out on course really quick right behind Zane Roberts. We battled it out for the next few miles in some wide open sand washes and some single track when he had put some time on me, leaving me to ride with nobody pushing me or no one to follow.

I tried to keep a good pace for the next 20 miles before heading back into pits. I tried keeping the gap between me and 3rd and 4th place minimal but they had put more time on me than anticipated. Coming into the pits 3rd had about 2 minutes and 4th had about a minute. So I knew I was gonna have to charge hard to catch them before the end of the race.

The 2nd loop was super fun. A few technical washes that I felt really well in and some single track and some tight washes. All stuff I feel really comfortable riding. Took me 20 miles to catch 4th and had a pretty good battle with him for a second till I was able put some more time on him. After another minute or two I saw the 95 mile marker so I knew I had 5 miles to give it my all so I put on a charge. Caught Nick Burson about a mile later and we got into a sweet battle for 3rd going back and forth till I had finally made a pass stick. He was still right on my tail when he went to make a pass on me and we got a little close and locked bars going wide open in about 3rd or 4th and we both went down hard. It was kind of a blur but we both ended up being okay just beat ourselves up and the bikes. I hopped up right after the crash and made sure he was good and got back on the bike to see if I could hopefully stay in third. When I picked up my bike my bars were rolled all the way back towards the gas tank and my levers not quite pointed straight up. I took off and instantly there was something wrong with the bike. It was dragging super bad and I couldn’t quite figure out the problem. Took me a little while to get the bike up to speed but once it got there it seemed to be fine. Still in the 3rd position with Zane Roberts catching fast we jumped down in a wash and my bike started dragging super bad again to the point it would barely go. So I pulled off the trail and figured out my clutch was being pulled in by my bent hand guard and my clutch cable routing was all jacked up. Once I got it all figured out I had been passed and put into 4th. I tried to push to catch third but the bike was so bent out of shape it was to hard to go fast in the rocky washes.

Came into the finish with another 4th overall. Super pumped with how I rode and how my fitness was; just a few minor things held us back but that’s racing. Super glad Nick and I weren’t hurt; it could’ve ended up bad so super thankful. Now I just want to thank Ron Purvines and Collin Woolsey for all their hard work. I’m very thankful to have the best people and sponsors behind me.

Nick Burson

The Idaho National is always one of my favorite races of the year. The drive is not fun at all but the riding is always fun. This year it would be the first big race of the year for my new family. We left a day early just to not have to rush anything. The weather was also looking to be perfect for race day. It rained Saturday evening all night slowly so the dirt was going to be perfect all day long! When the banner dropped Sunday morning my bike didn’t fire right away but I got going and salvaged what I could of my start. Luckily for me it wasn’t dusty but the roost hurt really bad!

I came around the first turn probably around 20th. I tried making some quick passes but ended up too far to the right and almost hit a fence and lost some more spots. After that I started picking people off slowly and made it up to my two teammates after getting by Tuffy Pearson. I was right behind my teammates when we all blew a corner and went through a little water crossing. I ended up getting stuck and had to push my bike out and lost a few of the spots I had just made up. After that everything started clicking and I was feeling really comfortable on the bike. I started picking riders off one at a time until I made it up to 3rd overall and could see 2nd!

After a quick splash of gas I left the alternate in 3rd chasing 2nd Argubright. I made it up to his rear wheel about halfway through this loop and made the pass! After I made the pass I could tell he picked up his pace and the battle was on. We were nose to tail for the next 5-10 miles and I ended up choosing a bad line in a wash and got passed back. Coming into the pits in 3rd overall and only 35 miles left after I got gas from the team and a fresh pair of goggles from my beautiful wife! This is where my race started to go downhill.

I left the pits and after a little bit I turned on old course. I knew it was from loop 1. Not once did I ever see or hear anything about common course except for at the finish. I also was at a disadvantage because there was no dust to follow. I really felt uneasy about the direction I was going so I turned around and headed back. I finally saw another rider coming at me and we stopped and chatted. Both confused we knew we didn’t miss course but thought we were on the wrong trail. We decided we were just going to go and see what happened. Finally about 5 miles in we hit new trail and I knew we were going the right way. I was super frustrated losing all the time I had made up. I tried to regroup and just ride but I struggled in the washes and knew people were probably not staying in the wash but just riding on top making up a lot of time.

Towards the very end of the loop I was passed by my teammate Tyler. Not knowing anyone was even around me or how I was passed and being pissed off from thinking I lost course earlier I just pinned it back by him. We had a battle going towards the finish. He got back by me again cutting a corner a little early and down the next straight away I was determined to make the pass back. I left the bike pinned on his left side and when he let off our lines came together. I was going way too fast to break and we locked bars taking us both down really hard. I haven’t hit the ground that hard in a long time. I felt like I bounced through the desert forever and when I stood up I dodged Tyler’s bike coming at me and quickly made sure he was ok. We both were back on our bikes so quick but the damage was done. My bike was so bent up it was hard to make it to the finish and same with Tyler. Tyler has been riding so well and with his age it will be interesting to see where he is at in a few years!! I am really glad he is ok and mad at myself for even being in that situation. It was a racing incident but I should have known better to wait and not force the pass when I knew it would be close. I was just frustrated and made bad decision in the heat of the battle. I limped the bike in and finished 5th overall.

The result should have been so much better but my riding and speed felt really good. After an injury at the last round last year and not much time to get ready for this year I am glad where my speed is. The next race will be better for sure. A big thank you to my wife for holding down the fort with the #bursontwins in the trailer! It was awesome having her back at the races making me feel more comfortable. My dad also was there helping us out with everything we needed. 3 Generations of Bursons at the races is always a plus!! On to Utah in 2 weeks!!

Axel Pearson

The normal Idaho starts are always hairy with big ditches and lots of sage brush. Saturday I worked for two hours kicking brush and making a straight fast line. But it was the only line in the start so everyone went for it which is a bummer because no one else is willing to do the work! Sunday I put my bike out and waited for the start! My bike fired quick but I ended up 4th on my line and had to follow to the end! I passed up to 3rd after the bomb and was able to ride with Brabec and Argubright for the first few miles but was fighting the bike set up hard! And after having a few high speed close calls I knew today wasn’t going to be my day so I slowed down to a safe pace and do my best from there! I fell back to 8th as the top 7 were on it!

I ended up getting by my brother Tuffy when his pit crew didn’t fill him up with gas enough at the alternate and that put me in 7th and on the final lap it was more technical which was good for me because it wasn’t as rough so suspension didn’t hurt me as bad! And was able to catch Chance Fullerton and pass him for 6th. At the finish I came in right with my teammate Nick which I was surprised because he was on it earlier in the day but he had a crash with our other teammate Tyler and bent their bikes all up! So as a team we went 4,5,6 which isn’t bad for us after having a bad day but we all want more! Thanks to Ron, Collin, Jason and David for the pits and support! Also to all our sponsors thank you.



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