For innovative Lithium-Ion products related to Motorsports, Powersports, and Adventure, there is no name more trustworthy than Antigravity Batteries. We have a complete line of high power, lightweight Lithium STARTER BATTERIES for your motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, and race or performance car. We also offer a line of MICRO-START Personal Power Supplies (PPS) – the first of its kind mini Jump-Starters, useful to anyone needing portable back-up power. With our great selection of lithium battery, jump-starter and Bluetooth products, plus a wide range of accessories, you will find something that benefits YOU or your vehicle.

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PS-45 Portable Power Station


XS-100 Portable Solar Panel


XS-60 Portable Solar Panel


XP-10-HD Micro-Start (Heavy Duty)


XP-10 Micro-Start


XP-1 Micro-Start


XP-3 Micro-Start


SPORT Micro-Start


Antigravity Group-26 UTV/Car Battery


Antigravity RS-30 Car Battery


Antigravity AT12BS RE-START Battery


Antigravity AT12BS-HD RE-START Battery


Antigravity AT7B-BS RE-START Battery


Antigravity ATX12 RE-START Battery


Antigravity ATX12-AH RE-START Battery


Antigravity ATX12-HD RE-START Battery


Antigravity ATX20 RE-START Battery


Antigravity ATX20-HD Battery