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Purvines Racing, Taft NGPC Rd 2 2019

Race Report by Purvines Racing

Tyler Lynn

This weekend I was super stoked to be back racing the NGPC series. After an amazing start to the season at Adelento I came into this round better prepared. Saturday’s race in the 250AA race I got to a decent jump around 4th-5th. By the third corner I had got a large piece of roost to the face and it gave me a bloody nose instantly. That frustrated me a bit but I tried to just not think about it. I had a sweet battle going with Mason Matthies the first three laps going back and forth and until he made a mistake and I was able to get a gap on him. The bloody nose did not stop that whole time until about halfway through the 4th loop and by this point the race was pretty much over. Ended up with a 5th 250AA and knew what I needed to fix for the next day in the Pro race.

Sunday I woke up and got all my goggles prepped since it was supposed to rain during our race. Since I won the first round I got the first gate pick out of the Pro2 wave and found a straight line right in the center of the start. Our start was delayed for about 10 minutes due to getting another ambulance. When we finally started I got to a decent jump and came around the first corner somewhere around 6th to 7th and was instantly in some gnarly roost. I passed a few people and got passed a few times on the Moto track before leaving into the off-road section. The course was already so chopped out and squared edged it seemed like the race had been going for hours already. Thankful to my Precision Concepts suspension I felt super comfortable in these conditions. With all the rain we got that day made the course a little slippery in places and people was taking off their goggles really early on in the race because of the mud. I was able to savor a few tear-offs from the first part of the course that I would be able to keep mine on for a while later.

I started making passes as quick as I could so that I didn’t lose to much time to the leaders. I got into the little battle with Nick Stover and Mason Matthies for about the first half of that first loop and I was using every inch of the course trying to stay out of their roost. After the first lap I got myself in a position where there wasn’t really anyone in front of me so I had some roost free time but had both Clay Hengeveld and Preston Campbell right on my tail making me push my hardest. I felt super good and had a great flow but Clay and Preston weren’t letting off and staying right on my tail for the rest of that loop. We came into the moto track seconds apart and I had to make sure I hitting my lines and keeping up the momentum or I would get passed. I left the Moto track with Clay and Preston still right on my tail. I tried to up my speed a little more so I could maybe get some breathing room but it didn’t work out too well; Clay and Preston were simply just going too fast to give me a break.

I did feel super comfortable with my line choice though. Stayed out of the chop and kept the power to the ground. By this point we were catching the slower lappers and you really had to be careful about how and where you were passing them or else you could get caught up with one really easy. I came up on a lapper the last little bit of the off-road section and he hit a nice soft spot of mud and sent a whole glob of it in my face making it really hard to see. My tear offs I ran out a few minutes before so at the end of the lap I decided to get my pit over with that lap. I got a nice fresh set of Viral Brand roll offs and and was out of there really quick. Not quicker than Clay – he got barely got out in front of me after my pit. I knew it would be good to try and stay with Clay because he was super smooth the day before and his line choice is amazing. Preston Campbell didn’t pit that lap so he had quite the lead on us. I kept up with Clay the best I could on the Moto section and was right on his tail heading back into the off-road. I was making some really quick and easy passes on the lappers and I felt like I was riding super good. I lost Clay around the halfway point right when I got back up to Nick Stover on a long gnarly straight coming into a pretty sharp corner. I kept it on the gas longer than him and got around and put on a charge to catch the next few people ahead of me. I came in off that loop and seen Preston had pitted and I made it just in time to get ahead of him. The next few laps were kind of a blur. I was charging as hard as I could to maybe make something happen but never caught any of the top running guys. Never had a tip-over or any huge mistakes so glad about that and had the time of my life doing what I love onto the next one. I’m really satisfied with how I rode and fitness but now just need to work on that speed so I keep those top 3 closer and battle with them. Ended the weekend with 4th Pro2 and not sure on the overall but already to get back going in Texas in 2 weeks. Thanks to Ron Purvines and Collin Woolsey for everything they have done to me the past few races. It definitely helps to be backed by great people and a great team.

Justin Seeds

Yesterday’s NGPC race didn’t go so hot. Ended up having too much power in big blue and couldn’t keep the front end down and ended up with a bad start coming into the first turn. When entering the turn there was a chain reaction pile-up starting from the inside of the corner which ended up making it to the outside where I was and causing me to go flying head first into another down riders bike. Thanks to 6D for making a great helmet and protecting my head after my bike decided to land on top of it. So after getting myself together and getting back on my beat up bike I tried to make up as much time as I could. I needed up getting up to the top 10 before the pit but riding a bike that is not perfect is very hard to push for that long and caused me to try and salvage a decent finishing position. When the checkered came out I ended up in 8th place. I’m definitely disappointed and bummed out on loosing the red plate and points lead but we have a lot of racing still to come and I’m going to do everything in my power to get my Purvines Racing Yamaha back to the top spot of the podium.

Axel Pearson

I decided to race Rd 2 of the MRAN Series to use it a a test race and try a new set up that Precision Concepts gave me! Ute is a good place to test with two 38 mile loops and one of my favorite races since it’s rocky and more technical with some big g-outs! My start was great and I came out of the first turn in 2nd. I then made the pass for the lead on the next straight and it was smooth sailing form there! I rode well in the rocky areas and worked on being smooth all day which I did and came away with the win by around 7 min! Thanks to Ron Purvines for making this happen for us, Collin for helping get my bike together and always keeping me going and all our great sponsors, thank you.



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