FAQs About Antigravity Products

Select a topic below for FAQs on the Antigravity MICRO-START. Get answers to frequently asked questions about our mini lithium Jump-Starter / Personal Power Supplies (PPS).

General Information

What are differences between Micro-Starts?

We offer 5 models of MICRO-START. The basic differences are POWER for jump-starting vehicles, CAPACITY of the units for back-up power, and their features such as charging PORTS.

    For DIESEL starting, check out our most powerful XP-10 and XP-10-HD (Heavy Duty). If you only need to jump-start gas engines, you can go with our more compact XP-1, XP-3 or SPORT Micro-Start.
    ALL Micro-Starts are equipped with at least one USB port to charge your 5V USB devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). The XP-3 has Two USB ports. The XP-1, the XP-10 and the XP-10-HD also have Dual USB ports, plus a 12V DC output for powering accessories and a 19V output for charging laptops. (All Micro-Starts have a built-in, very bright multi-mode LED flashlight.)
    The XP-1, XP-10 and XP-10-HD can be recharged by wall outlet or vehicle’s cigarette lighter port – charger accessories are included as part of the Micro-Start kit. The XP-3 and SPORT models recharge from any USB connection, such as found on your computer or phone charger, or in your car, a hotel or airport. These USB-rechargeable models are the most compact kits we offer as they eliminate the need for the home and mobile chargers. Every Micro-Start comes in a durable carry case with all the accessories you need to charge your devices and jump-start your vehicle.

What is the difference between the XP-10 and XP-10-HD?

POWER: The main difference between the original XP-10 and new XP-10-HD (Heavy Duty) version is that the HD model has more power and puts out an additional 50 Cranking Amps. They are the same physical size (9 x 3 x 1.25 inches) and have the same high capacity (18,000 mAh) for charging electronic devices.

CLAMPS: Another difference is that the XP10-HD is equipped with our much Larger, all-copper Heavy Duty Smart Clamps which are perfect for use in larger vehicles and fleets and also great for mechanics. Due to including larger clamps, the XP-10-HD Carry Case is also larger than the case for the original XP-10 kit. Both kits include a multi-tip USB cable, universal DC cable, 8 laptop tips, a wall charger and mobile charger.

How can I tell if I have the older or newer version of the XP-1, or XP-3?


OLD: The original design of Micro-Start XP-1 has white stripes and “PPS” on front with small yellow “XP-1” in the corner. It has only one USB port. The original version of XP-1 is no longer available.

NEW: The newer and current design of the XP-1 was remodeled inside and out to include more power, functionality and safety features. It has a bold red stripe and “XP-1” clearly on the front. It has dual USB ports, and its 12V port is colored yellow to easily distinguish it from the 19V port. The included Smart Clamps were also upgraded for a stronger design and full protections built-in.

XP-1 ORIGINAL DESIGN, Micro-Start PPS XP-1 Micro-Start Power Supply & Jump-Starter


OLD: The original design of Micro-Start XP-3 has a white vertical stripe, power button and “PPS” on front with small yellow “XP-3” designation. It has a single USB port. The original version of XP-3 is no longer available.

OLD: The second iteration of XP-3 (released in 2016) was fully redesigned inside and out. It has a bold red stripe and “XP-3” clearly on the front. It included a second USB port for charging devices, plus another input port allowing the XP-3 to optionally be recharged via Micro-USB. We no longer offer this second version of XP-3.

NEW: The newest and current design of the XP-3 (released in Spring 2018) has the same great look but omits the 15V input port used with the home charger and mobile cig lighter charger. Now the XP-3 has a single input port for recharging via any USB outlet which are so common everywhere. By eliminating the 15V input and those two bulky chargers, the XP3 kit as a whole is now much lighter and more compact.

XP-3 ORIGINAL DESIGN, Micro-Start PPSJump-Start Power & Charging Ports XP-3   Jump-Start Power & USB Charging Ports XP-3

Is the Micro-Start okay for airline travel? Can I put it in my carry-on?

Our MICRO-START power banks meet the FAA criteria for Lithium batteries/external chargers allowed as Carry-On items. They cannot be in Checked baggage. The guidelines state that consumer-sized Lithium-Ion batteries, up to 100 Watt-hours (Wh) per, are allowed on planes. All Micro-Starts are under that limit (Watt-hours is printed on the back of each Micro-Start). For more information about carry-on and portable devices, refer to the FAA website:

Please also check with your Airline before taking your Micro-Start because each Airline may have different guidelines.

What is the Warranty?

Please visit our Warranty page for details and downloadable PDF documents.

You don't ship to my address. Where can I find an Authorized Reseller?

Please visit our Authorized Dealer Map to find one near you.


Can I potentially use too big of a Micro-Start?

No – your vehicle, whether it is a car or a motorcycle and has a 12-volt system, will only take the energy it needs from the Micro-Start.

For example if you hook up our XP-10 to a very small mini cycle, and that mini cycle is based on a 12V system, then the mini cycle will only take the power necessary to start it from the XP-10. A Micro-Start does not push energy into the vehicle; the vehicle takes the energy that it requires from the Micro-Start.

Therefore you can use a large Micro-Start on a small vehicle without issue; just make sure the vehicle is a 12V vehicle and not a 6V vehicle.

What about jump-starting motorcycles where fairings interfere with battery access?

Instead of using the Smart Clamps, you can use one of our Clampless Starting Harnesses. This convenient accessory allows you to easily jump-start your vehicle and saves you time with no need for removing the fairing or seat on your motorcycle. Ring terminals on one end of the harness remain connected to your battery terminals. Route the harness cable such that you can tuck it out of the way when not in use but be able to access its connector end when you need to plug it into your Micro-Start’s jumpstart port to start your bike battery.

What is the gauge of wires for the Smart Clamps?

The Micro-Start Smart Clamps use a different gauge wire depending on the model. They are:

MSA-11SCX-HD (Heavy Duty Clamps for XP-10 and XP-10-HD) = 7 AWG
MSA-11SCX (Clamps for XP-10 only) = 8 AWG
MSA-11TP (Clamps for XP-1 and XP-3) = 8 AWG
MSA-11SC (Clamps for SPORT, and Older models of XP-1 and XP-3) = 10 AWG for those included with kits. The replacement clamps offer an upgrade over the originals provided, and have 8 AWG wires.

What is the gauge of wires for the Starting Harnesses?

The clampless starting Harnesses have 8 AWG wires (except for the SPORT model’s harness which use 10 AWG).

MSA-10B (Harness for XP-10 and XP-10-HD) = 8 AWG
MSA-10TP (Harness for XP-1 and XP-3) = 8 AWG
MSA-10A (Harness for SPORT, and Older models of XP-1 and XP-3) = 10 AWG


Can I use my device while it's being charged by the Micro-Start?

Yes but the phone or device will not be recharged as quickly as it would if not being used.

Does the Micro-Start have to fully discharged before it can be recharged?

No. You can use the Micro-Start PPS to charge devices until no lights are lit on its capacity indicator, but you can recharge the PPS before that point, while it still has capacity. Note: You should only use the Micro-Start to jumpstart vehicles if at least 3 lights are lit.

How do I recharge the Micro-Start itself?

Micro-Start models XP-1, XP-10, or XP-10-HD can all be recharged by using one of the two power cables that are included with your kit (AC wall charger or DC mobile charger). For charging from a wall outlet, plug in the charger then connect its other end to the 15V input port of your Micro-Start. For charging from your car or other vehicle, the mobile charger plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port, and to the Micro-Start’s 15V input port.

Micro-Start models XP-3 and SPORT can be recharged via USB using the 4-into-1 USB cable included with your kit (the same cable used for charging your USB devices). Plug the Micro-USB tip into the Micro-Start’s input port and the other end into any USB outlet or device output.

When charging, the indicator lights will flash one by one. All lights solidly lit means the Micro-Start is fully recharged. When fully charged, remove charger. Do not leave charging over 24 hours.

Is it possible to charge or trickle charge a 12V vehicle battery with the Micro-Start?


Scenario 1:  You often ride a motorcycle just in the city and with the cooling fans blowing it drains the battery more as it charges. So you want to just partially charge the battery as well.

Scenario 2: You have a show bike where the lights, etc. are running for long periods of time, draining the battery, and you do not have access to a wall outlet so you want to use the Micro-Start to trickle charge or maintain the battery.

This cannot be done with the Micro-Start. It is not a charger for vehicle batteries. It is only a jump-starter for when the battery is dead, and not to be used as a charger since different chemistry types require different types of chargers (e.g. lead acid vs Lithium).

Can the Micro-Starts with 15V input be charged with a portable solar panel?

IF your solar panel has a voltage controller that limits the voltage to 15V and 1 Amp then that would work. You would not want to use 18v which many panels do offer. You need the controller to limit it to 15v.

Lithium Battery Info

What type of Lithium does the Micro-Start use?

It is a lithium polymer battery that is inside the Micro-Start.

What is the typical Lifespan of a Micro-Start?

Generally speaking you should get about 3 years out of the device. While Micro-Starts can definitely last longer (we’ve spoken to people who have had theirs for over 6 years), the internal battery is very similar to a cell phone where over time it will similarly lose capacity.

The Micro-Start lifespan is based on the cycle life of the batteries which is typically 1000 cycles. We use only the highest quality of cells and, in general use, the honest period of time that this type of battery will last is three years, due to the high output nature of this product being a jump-starter and personal power supply.

Best advice is to actually use the device at least once every couple of months to ensure it continues to function properly. This can be as easy as charging a cell phone with it, then topping the Micro-Start’s charge back up. One thing you don’t want to do is just stick the unit in the car or tool box or other storage location and just forget about it. Another thing to be mindful of is storage location as heat can play a big role in longevity of the battery so you don’t want to leave it long term in a storage location where it can be subject to excessive temps. Hopefully those tips will help you get the best life out of your Micro-Start but as always please contact us if have any questions or need more information.

What is the maximum Storage Temperature for the Micro-Start?

The storage temperature is 2°F to 110°F (-16°C to 43°C), average temperature. Never exceed 176°F (80°C) under any condition.

Note that the temperature inside of a car parked in direct sunlight can reach between 131 and 172 degrees Fahrenheit when the temperature outside is between 80 and 100 degrees. So if you are storing the unit in the car and choose a location out of direct sunlight, such as the glovebox or the trunk, then in many areas it will very likely get too hot to just be left in the car.


1. Store your product in a dry location.
2. Do not use or store your product in areas with high concentrations of dust or airborne materials.
3. Store your product on flat, secure surfaces so it’s not prone to falling.

You can get Micro-Start User Manuals from our Downloads page for more safety precautions and specifications.

Can Lithium catch fire? I've heard of Tesla and airplanes and hoverboards catching fire.

With any energy dense battery there is a potential for fire to occur. But the facts are that there are circumstances that create the issues where the battery can go into what is called Thermal Runaway. Properly manufactured Lithium Batteries are safe. Our Micro-Starts do have built-in protections, but excessive heat or puncturing the device can cause the product to go into thermal runaway.

Additionally, abusing the product or using the wrong charger (one not designed specifically for the product) can potentially cause issues.

Issues / Problems

My Micro-Start has a problem - how do I get Warranty service?

If you experience a problem with your Micro-Start you can submit an online Warranty Claim. Please be sure to read our Warranty Information first.

My Micro-Start has swollen, expanded - what is the cause?

The cause of the Micro-Start swelling is typically due to one of the following:

1. Being kept in an environment that is very hot such as the interior of a car or on the dashboard of the car.

2. The product was overused, for example used to start a very difficult to start motor, or a motor larger than it was intended to start, or potentially used multiple times in a row. (If you need to use it multiple times in a row, let it cool between starts.)

3. The product was over-discharged or not used for a very long time, for example 8 months to a year, and has overcharged itself but was then put on the charger to recharge.

NOTE: If swelling occurred, do not use the product any longer. If it is under warranty you can submit a claim form and send pictures to us of the swelling effect. But you will need to take the product to a recycling center. You cannot send it back to us as it is illegal to ship a damaged battery product through the mail.

My Micro-Start clamps broke...

1. When this happens it is usually on the older Micro-Start Clamps which were made with plastic and in very cold weather they could break. In this circumstance if the product is under warranty we do cover it and can send you replacements. The newer clamps currently provided with the Micro-Starts have been updated. The latest clamps for the Micro-Start XP-10 and XP-10-HD are now all copper and cannot break.

2. Sometimes the built-in protection module on our Micro-Start Smart Clamps will fail. In this circumstance if the product is under warranty we will cover it. The built-in protection system is the large black box that is attached to the clamps which prevents reverse polarity connections, back-charge, short-circuiting. If these parts of the clamps are broken it will usually show by not jumpstarting the car correctly.

The Micro-Start plug melted...

When the plug for the Micro-Start Clamps melts, or the port for the clamps melts this usually indicates that:

1. The Micro-Start clamps were not fully plugged in and seated into the clamps port on the Micro-Start, and therefore overheated and melted due to lack of a good connection.

2. The Micro-Start was used to jump-start a larger vehicle than it was intended to.

Under most circumstances we will warranty this if the product is under warranty still but if it shows signs of excessive abuse then we will decline warranty.

Please do not overuse the product. Ensure the clamps are fully seated and plugged into the Micro-Start unit itself to allow the best transfer of power when jump-starting or else heat can develop and melt these ports.

The Micro-Start will no longer charge.

This usually means the Micro-Start product has been over-discharged and has shut itself off from further charging.

1. You can try to plug in the charger and unplug the charger, then plug the charger in again to see if this resets the unit.

2. If resetting does not work then if the Micro-Start is still under warranty we will replace the unit for you.

The light on the Micro-Start doesn't come on

In this circumstance the unit will have to be replaced if the product is still under warranty or within a few months of warranty.

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